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Ensign Votes to Repeal Onerous "1099" Provision for Small Business

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign today voted to support the repeal of the onerous "1099" reporting provision that was first passed into law by the healthcare reform bill. It is estimated that this provision would negatively affect 40 million small businesses.

"At a time when the jobs that small businesses create are absolutely vital to our economic recovery, a provision such as this cannot be allowed to interfere," said Ensign. "Without the repeal of this Obamacare tax provision, 40 million businesses might be unable to hire many of our nations unemployed and many more might be forced to scale down operations. The creation of long-term private sector jobs is an important component to healing our economic woes, and the repeal of this provision is a necessary step in that direction and the direction of completely repealing Obamacare. Bottom line: government needs to stop finding ways to inhibit private sector growth."

H.R. 4 originated in the House and was offered in the Senate by Senator Johanns; it repeals Section 9006 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This provision required small businesses to file Forms 1099 for any goods purchased that totaled over $600 in the course of a year. Additionally, this amendment also repeals another 1099 mandate added in Section 2101 of the Small Business Jobs Act that required individuals receiving rental income to report payments to vendors related to that property such as plumbers, lawn maintenance, electricians, etc. The amendment passed 87 to 12.

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