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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript




SCHULTZ: Joining me now is Ohio State Senator Nina Turner.

Welcome to the problem again time, Senator. The bill passed the Senate by one vote. Were you expecting that outcome?

STATE SEN. NINA TURNER (D), OHIO: Yes, Ed, unfortunately. And thank you for having me. I hate that we have to keep meeting this way.

It"s absolutely a shame. I am really glad that the same 16 who voted against this bill the first time held. And it"s ironic, Ed, for all the rhetoric that this bill is going to create jobs and create big opportunities, no one who sponsor the bill on the side of the folks who support this bill got up to say a mumbling word. It is absolutely unconscionable, full-out all-out assault on middle class Ohioans.

SCHULTZ: Senator Turner, look at this videotape, if you can. I mean, the people of Ohio are absolutely outraged by this. Their passion, their emotion, what are the ramifications here? What are they going to do? How are they going to deal with this?

TURNER: Well, they should be outraged, Ed. All Americans should be outraged, all Ohioans. This isn"t a collective bargaining bill. This is a collective begging bill.

We have resigned ourselves in the state of Ohio to take this to the people, to the citizens of the state who overwhelmingly, even in the latest poll have said that Ohio workers should have the right to collectively bargain.

SCHULTZ: So, what about a referendum? How does it work in Ohio?

Can you reverse this?

TURNER: Yes. The people can. We are going to put a referendum on the ballot. We need over 230,000 votes across a minimum of 44 counties in this state.

And we are going to get this done. And make sure that we restore middle class rights. You know, collective bargaining means two people can come to the table as equals. This bill is nothing more than a sham and an assault against working class men and women in this state, both public and private sector. We will take this to the people.

SCHULTZ: Well, the governor says change is tough. He"s going to find out, because I think your folks there in Ohio are going to turn this thing around. It"s going to be a story to follow.

Thank you, Senator Nina Turner. I appreciate you joining us tonight.


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