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Rooney Statement on Health Care Law Anniversary: A Year of Broken Promises


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney (FL-16) today issued the following statement on the one-year anniversary of President Obama's health care law:

"Before President Obama signed the health care legislation into law, then-Speaker Pelosi said the Democrats would have to pass the bill before the American people could find out what was in it. One year after it passed, now that all the backroom deals and fine print have come to light, we have learned that the promises about what the bill would mean for you and your family have been broken.

"These broken promises have stoked the American people's demand for a full repeal of the health care law. House Republicans met that demand. Since the Senate has failed to act, we will continue working to repeal pieces of the law -- like burdensome new 1099 tax reporting requirements for small businesses, and the slush fund for the Department of Health and Human Services -- and to block funds for the law's enforcement.

"We will not stop there. We must repeal this law and replace it with common sense, patient-centered reforms that will actually cut costs for American families, reduce the burden on taxpayers, protect jobs, and expand access to affordable care."

A Year of Broken Promises

* If you like your plan, you can't keep it. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services predicts that seven million seniors will lose their Medicare Advantage plans. The Department of Labor estimates that up to 80 percent of small businesses, and between 39 percent and 69 percent of larger businesses, will have to change plans for their employees to comply with the law.

* The law is crushing job growth, not creating jobs. A recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) study concluded that 800,000 jobs will be lost over the next ten years as a result of the health care bill.

* Democrats promised a bill that would reduce costs but produced one that will cause costs to rise at an even faster rate. CBO now says the law will force premiums for family policies to increase an average of $2,100 annually -- a sharper increase than if Washington done nothing.

* The costs for taxpayers keep growing. CBO has adjusted its initial projections of the law's costs between 2012 and 2021 from $938 billion from 2012 to 2021to $1.445 trillion.

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