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Google Privacy Settlement Underscores Need for a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Commerce Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet, praised the FTC for its work, recognized Google for taking responsibility for its error, and cited the settlement as evidence of the need for a Commercial Privacy Bill of Rights. Senator Kerry is currently working on legislation to protect online and offline commercial privacy.

"Baseline privacy protections in law remain common sense and this case proves it," Senator Kerry said. "Google has admitted error, but Google is far from alone in the collection, use, and distribution of immense amounts of our information. Today's settlement is rooted in the idea that if an entity is going to engage in the collection of people's personally identifiable information, then it must build strong privacy protections into all of its operations. Every company should adhere to this kind of standard, not just Google, and it's best for businesses and consumers alike to have certainty about the rules and standards going forward. Today's settlement underscores that everyone will be better off with clear rules of the road rooted in a specific law. Until then, the FTC should continue protecting Americans with the tools it has. Common sense privacy protections aren't the enemy of innovation but rather vital in the Information Age so consumers can operate safely and securely and businesses can continue to grow. Google has admitted error and will have to correct its practices to protect against future privacy violations. I fully expect Goggle will do that, keep innovating, and continue creating exciting services for users around the world."

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