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Karen Bass Opposes Republican Efforts to Defund National Public Radio, Destroying 9,000 Jobs in Local Communities

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Karen Bass voted against H.R. 1076, a Republican-sponsored bill which prohibits the federal funding of National Public Radio and the use of federal funds by public radio stations to acquire programming.

"This is another battle in the ideological fight that the ultra conservative right is waging against the American people," said U.S. Rep. Karen Bass. "The number one priority of Democrats is job creation, while their agenda is resulting in job cuts. Democrats are serious about fiscal responsibility, while the Majority is focused on a bill defunding NPR that does not save one penny for the American taxpayer."

According to a preliminary estimate by the Congressional Budget Office, this bill would produce no savings for the taxpayer and will not reduce the deficit. It would harm 900 public radio stations especially in rural America and in communities with limited access to media outlets.

"We are 12 weeks into this new Congress and counting, and still no jobs plan from my Republican colleagues," added Bass. "The time for the Majority to govern and deliver on a pledge to create jobs is long overdue. Democrats know what the American people are demanding and we are listening. Our priority must be jobs, not ideological skirmishes about defunding public radio."

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