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Pallone Fights for Preventive Care on Health Care Reform Anniversary

Press Release

Location: Long Branch, NJ

Congressman Frank Pallone Jr. (NJ-6) Wednesday spoke out against Republican efforts to slash community health center funding that would force places like the Monmouth Family Health Center to close its doors to thousands of underserved patients who rely on these health centers for preventive care and treatment. The Republican cuts would end funding for 127 health centers across the country that provide cost-effective, high-quality primary preventive care to millions of people everyday.

"The best example of how effectively these community health centers serve patients is right here in Long Branch at the Monmouth Family Health Center," said Pallone. "For those who utilize the center for prevention such as immunizations, diagnostic testing and prenatal care, their health relies on the care the center provides. Primary care is tantamount to good health and we will continue to build on our health care reform efforts to continue to make it more accessible."

It's been proven that regular preventive care visits to a doctor improve overall health and decrease reliance on costly emergency room care, which is why expanding access to preventive care is a key part of historic health care reform.

In the year since health care reform became law Republicans have committed to dismantling and defunding programs that have already made a significant difference for thousands of New Jerseyans.

* More than 132,578 New Jersey residents who hit the Medicare prescription drug coverage gap known as the donut hole received $250 tax-free rebates, additionally as of January 1 seniors who fall into the donut hole will benefit from a 50 percent discount on prescription drugs;

* About 34,100 young adults in New Jersey now have access to insurance coverage as a result of the under-26 provision;

* By preventing insurance companies from imposing annual and lifetime coverage limits on people's insurance coverage, 5.4 million New Jerseyans will continue to have access to private insurance coverage;

* So far, New Jersey has received $85.3 million in grants that support home health care, consumer assistance, prevention programs and tax credits;

* Up to 144,316 small businesses in New Jersey will receive millions in tax credits to help them offer employee health insurance coverage if they choose to do so.

"Taking away patients' rights piece by piece and repealing health care reform is not what millions of people who can now get health care want to see," added Pallone.

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