Tim Scott on One-Year Anniversary of Health Care Reform Act

Press Release

By:  Tim Scott
Date: March 23, 2011
Location: Charleston, SC

On the one-year anniversary of the 2,700-page $2.6 trillion government takeover of health care, Rep. Tim Scott (SC-01) issued the following statement:

"Today marks the first anniversary of one of the most ill-conceived legislative initiatives to pass the halls of Congress - ObamaCare. Using a "win at all costs' philosophy, the Democrat leadership rammed their vision of socialized medicine through the House and Senate, knowing a Presidential signature awaited their efforts.

All of the gimmicks, loopholes and special-interest paybacks contained in the so-called Health Care Reform Act, have left insurers unsure of what coverage they can offer their subscribers, employers confused as to their benefit options, and hard-working Americans caught in the middle.

Obamacare has been rejected by the U.S. House. The courts have ruled it unconstitutional. It spends too much, taxes too much, and would drastically increase our national debt while eliminating nearly one million jobs. Just as important, Obamacare fails miserably in offering what Americans have consistently cited as their primary need -- quality, affordable health care centered on the doctor-patient relationship.

I pledge to continue our efforts toward repeal of this misguided legislation and the federal government's takeover of healthcare."

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