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Representative Jeff Denham Statement on One Year Anniversary of ObamaCare


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Jeff Denham (CA-19) today issued the following statement on the one year anniversary of the government takeover of health care. The health care law pushed through Congress last year infringes on the rights of the American people and places heavier tax burdens and regulations on small businesses that will only prolong our road to recovery.

"The health care law forced through Congress by the Democrats and the President one year ago has completely failed to live up to the promises it made to the American people," said Rep. Denham. "Costs have not been lowered and premiums have not decreased. Americans were promised improved healthcare but instead, many have lost their existing coverage. The law will cost hundreds of billions of dollars that our country simply cannot afford. In a time when Republicans are focused on creating jobs for the American people, the healthcare law will eliminate nearly one million jobs from the economy.

"After many broken promises from the Democrats, House Republicans upheld our pledge and voted to repeal the law as one of our first actions in the 112th Congress. We will continue to dismantle ObamaCare through more votes and hearings in the House in order to replace it with affordable solutions and common-sense reforms that protect jobs."

NOTE: Since passage of ObamaCare --

* Two Federal judges have found the individual mandate -- the lynchpin of ObamaCare -- unconstitutional.
* The House of Representatives has voted to repeal ObamaCare's onerous 1099 tax reporting provisions that will saddle small businesses with oppressive paperwork, drive up costs, destroy jobs, and obstruct economic growth.
* The Obama Administration has had to approve more than 1,000 waivers for entities and states facing unworkable mandates under the law.
* A majority of Americans favor repeal of ObamaCare despite a year-long public relations campaign by the White House and others to turn public opinion.

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