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Prohibiting Federal Funding of National Public Radio

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. DOYLE. Mr. Speaker, today the House Republicans want to eliminate funding for NPR, some because they think the government shouldn't operate a news service and some because they think the reporting is biased. I believe they're wrong on both counts.

Public radio plays an important role in our communities as a source of news and entertainment. My colleagues should consider the studies that show that NPR listeners are more aware of indisputable facts than viewers and listeners of most other news sources.

Opponents of NPR hold up a video hit piece to show that NPR is biased. Even Glenn Beck's Web site, The Blaze, explains that the video is neither fair nor balanced, how it's basically a lie.

And my colleagues should consider the fact that many NPR programs have nothing to do with news or politics. Where's the bias in ``Car Talk''? There might be a bias against Pintos or Pacers, but not a political bias. Where's the political bias in music broadcasts? There might be a bias against Prokofiev, but not a political bias.

Even so, if this bill were simply to defund NPR's direct public contribution, then at least it would only impact the organization with the alleged political bias, which is, again, based on a lie. But this bill goes further. It hurts local public radio stations and tens of millions of listeners from across the country.

If this bill is enacted, communities across the country will be denied programming that their residents want. Whatever happened to the philosophy that more choice is better?

My colleagues, this is bad public policy. This is a terrible bill. This is a terrible waste of our time, and I urge my colleagues to reject it.


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