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While U.S. Job Creators Struggle with Rising Gas Prices, President Obama Promotes More Energy Production … In Brazil


Location: Washington, DC

In today's Wall Street Journal, U.S. job creators are once again sounding the alarm on the impact rising gas prices are having on their ability to invest in their businesses and create new jobs for the 13.7 million unemployed Americans. The new House majority is responding to the concerns of American families and small businesses with the American Energy Initiative, an ongoing effort to stop government policies that are driving up gas prices and expand American energy production to lower costs and create jobs. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is offering a much different plan: promote offshore energy production … in Brazil, rather than the U.S.

In an interview with yesterday, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) challenged President Obama on his support for increasing offshore oil production in Brazil, while consistently blocking development of domestic energy sources here at home. Under the headline "Drill, Brazil, Drill!," today's Investor's Business Daily highlights President Obama's support for creating jobs in Brazil, while imposing a de facto energy moratorium that is costing thousands of American jobs:

"But in the process of making nice with Brazil, Obama made a mind-boggling announcement that should make even his most loyal supporter cringe:

"We will help Brazil develop its offshore oil so we can one day import it. …

"Obama wants to develop Brazilian offshore oil to help the Brazilian economy create jobs for Brazilian workers while Americans are left unemployed in the face of skyrocketing energy prices by an administration that despises fossil fuels as a threat to the environment and wants to increase our dependency on foreign oil."

Hot Air Blog's Ed Morrissey also called on President Obama to stop blocking domestic production and start creating jobs here in America:

"If Obama was really interested in job creation, he would end his permitoriums on off-shore drilling. His administration would dismantle the obstacles blocking extraction of oil in the interior West, where an estimated 800 billion barrels of oil await extraction from shale formations. Obama would call off the EPA and allow Americans to have the same latitude to get at and use our natural resources as he insists that Brazil do. That would support millions of American jobs, and we wouldn't have to send vast sums of American wealth to Brazil."

With the unemployment rate lingering near nine percent, and American families already struggling with the "financial hardship" of higher gas prices, Republicans understand that we must immediately develop our domestic resources to create jobs in America -- not Brazil. With the American Energy Initiative, the new House majority is already taking action to stop the Obama Administration's job-crushing de facto energy moratorium and prevent the EPA from imposing a backdoor national energy tax on American job creators. These are just the first of several steps the new House majority will be taking in the coming weeks to create jobs, address rising gas prices, and forge our energy independence.

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