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Reed Votes to Continue Mission to Destroy Al-qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Noting that national security must be a top priority, Congressman Tom Reed today voted against a resolution which would have withdrawn American troops from Afghanistan within 30 days. "Until generals in the field tell us that Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are no longer a threat in Afghanistan, the mission is not complete," Reed said. "If we retreat now, that will only embolden insurgents and further destabilize Afghanistan's neighbors, particularly Pakistan."

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States were launched from Afghanistan by Al-Qaeda and the previous Taliban-controlled government. "If we withdraw now, Afghanistan may once again become a training ground for terror and a platform for attacks against the United States and our allies and interests," Reed warned. "We need to defeat them there to prevent fighting them here."

Reed has consistently said that funding national security is a top priority for our government despite the current debt-driven crisis. Arming and protecting our troops on the battlefield in Afghanistan will remain a top priority.

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