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Issue Position: Education

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Education: Improve West Virginia's Schools

My dad was a high school principal and my mom was a teacher. It's their dedication to learning that made me who I am and from where my values come. Education policy is an integral part of our state's foundation. Our educational system defines who we are as a state, how we plan for the future and our expectations -- and I have high expectations for all of us.

We need to expect high standards from our students, teachers, principals, superintendents and school boards. We need to get our parents and our communities involved in every aspect of the educational process. We can't keep doing things the same way and expect different results. It is time to bring all stakeholders to the table -- teachers, administrators, parents and businesses.

* What our children learn, and how they learn it, is rapidly changing. Our teachers must have the training and resources they need to prepare our children for our changing economy.

* We must empower teachers and administrators to address truancy, dropout rates, bullying -- challenges that keep our children from learning.

* We must continue to bring technology into the classroom, but we can also look to technology to give us new ways to measure success in the classroom.

* Our early childhood and K-12 institutions, our vocational education and trade schools, our community and technical colleges, and our four-year colleges and universities must work hand in hand to train our workforce.

* We must invest in job training and make sure our universities are plugged into the newest endeavors in our state by building on the work of great facilities like the James Rumsey Technical Institute in the Eastern Panhandle and the West Virginia High Technology Consortium

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