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Pompeo Statement on Vote to Pass Three-Week CR


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Because the previous Democrat Majority failed in its most basic obligation to pass a budget for the current year, House Republicans were left to deal with the mess this year. Not long ago, the Republican-led House passed HR-1, a long-term Continuing Resolution ("CR") that would fund the government through the end of the current fiscal year. Unfortunately, the Democrat-led Senate voted down that bill and (along with the White House) continued to demonstrate irresponsible governance and a lack of leadership in failing to provide an alternative solution.

Senate Democrats and the White House should listen to the will of the people and pass HR-1, unchanged. I voted to add multiple amendments to the long-term CR to prevent federal funding of abortion and stop the funding for the government takeover of health care. Now, it's time for the Senate to pass a long-term CR that does not fund the president's health care bill or abortion so we can all move on to other priorities like cutting even more spending for 2012.

This week House Republicans, bent over backwards to give Senate Democrats three more weeks to heed the voice of the people... and we cut another $6 Billion of spending in the process.

My "yes' vote on the recent short-term three-week CR in no way abandons my commitment to stop federal funding of Obamacare and abortion. My goal is to do that quickly and decisively and to continue the march toward dramatically reducing federal spending for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Voting "yes' saved over $6 Billion of taxpayer dollars immediately, a modest but solid start.

No one wants a government shutdown, but these short-term CRs are simply not a sustainable solution to get our fiscal situation under control.

I want a long-term solution that gets our financial house in order, defunds Obamacare and stops federal funding of abortion. Republicans are working toward each of these objectives.

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