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One Year Later We Know What's in it...It's Not Good

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) released the following statement to mark tomorrow's one year anniversary of the ObamaCare package becoming law:

"As former-Speaker Pelosi famously said, we had to pass the healthcare law to find out what was in it. A year has now passed since this flawed, partisan legislation was forced through Congress; we now know what's in it and it is not good."

"There are harmful tax provisions, like the 1099 reporting requirement that will crush job creators, an unconstitutional individual mandate that has already been struck down by two federal judges, and contrary to the administration promise that if we liked our current healthcare plan we could keep it, the Obama Administration has since predicted that as many as 7 out of 10 Americans with employer-provided health coverage could lose their current healthcare plan as a result of ObamaCare. Simply put, ObamaCare destroys jobs, increases taxes, expands government control and increases the cost of healthcare for all Americans"

Jenkins continued, "This is why I was opposed to the Obamacare package from the beginning, and voted to repeal this 2,801 page overhaul of our healthcare system with a simple 2 page bill this January. The American people deserve better. As we continue the process of repealing and replacing this law, I will continue to listen to the people of Eastern Kansas and fight to enact real health care reforms that lower costs and expand accessibility and quality of care."

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