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Ensign: Put the Healthcare Bill on Hold


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign today spoke on the Senate Floor about the legislation he introduced with Senator Hutchison (R-TX) that would freeze further implementation of the healthcare law until the Supreme Court rules on the individual mandate's constitutionality.
Excerpt from Speech:

"The Hutchison amendment would freeze any of the implementation of the healthcare law, until it is decided in the courts that it is unconstitutional. It is a vital amendment that makes sure states don't waste a lot of money, that private sector companies don't waste a lot of money complying with a bill that may be struck down as unconstitutional. This is money you can't get back; once it's spent it's gone. We already know how much the states are struggling with their budget . . . that's happening all across the country, so we need to put this bill on hold until we know whether it's going to be constitutional or not."

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