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WLOX - State Treasurer Wants a Promotion from the Voters

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Location: Pascagoula, MS

By Doug Walker

State treasurer Tate Reeves wants a promotion, and he wants you to give it to him. The two term state treasurer was on the coast Tuesday morning, officially announcing his run for Lt. Governor.

With his wife and two young daughters at his side, Tate Reeves walked to the podium, confident of winning the upcoming election, and confident of the state he was born and raised in.

"Mississippi is moving up and it's time for us to stand up and say so," Reeves said. "I have tremendous confidence in the future of our state because I have seen the resiliency of our people."

On the week of Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, Reeves quoted the former president, saying, "While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future."

He touted his business background as a way to move the state into sound financial shape.

"Before the end of my first term, we had completely revamped the way our state borrows money, by proactively managing our state's debt portfolio, reducing interest payments and saving the taxpayers millions."

Jobs are a top priority for Reeves, to reverse what he called the brain drain. Students educated in the state don't stay in the state.

"Young people weren't leaving our state because they wanted to, they were leaving because they thought they had to."

Reeves put himself squarely on the conservative side of the aisle.

"There are still people in Jackson that believe government is the answer to every problem," Reeves said. "There are still people in Jackson that believe government can spend Mississippians' money better than Mississippians can."

And he promised to fight to overturn abortion.

"If you believe Mississippi can be a state with no abortion clinics, and that's truly the safest place in America for the unborn, then I'm your candidate."

Reeves is traveling the state this week, making announcements in several locations.

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