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Surface Transportation Earmark Recision, Savings and Accountability Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. COHEN. Mr. Speaker, the majority has now been in power for 10 weeks and has yet to offer a plan for job creation. Instead, they have chosen to ignore the warnings of economists from across the political spectrum and are promoting a continuing resolution that threatens to derail and reverse our Nation's recovery.

Instead of slashing programs that are vital to job creation and economic growth, we need to carefully examine the budget and eliminate all wasteful spending. That is why I am introducing the Surface Transportation Earmark Recision, Savings and Accountability Act of 2011, and I'd ask for bipartisan support on this. This legislation will reduce the deficit by $584 million by rescinding unspent funds authorized by Federal transportation projects requested by Members of Congress that date back to 1978.

Instead of eliminating research at the National Institutes of Health or eliminating funding to protect our air and water, let's focus on elimination of wasteful, unnecessary spending. I encourage you to work with me to include this language in the continuing resolution.

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