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Governor Rick Perry's Radio Address - Job Creation and Economic Development

Location: Unknown

Job Creation and Economic Development

My fellow Texans, our state is home to a tremendous business climate. Low taxes, reasonable state regulations and good schools make Texas an attractive option for any industry.

Recent success stories, such as Toyota and Hewlett-Packard's decision to locate in Texas, confirm that our state has much to offer - but those success stories should not make us complacent.

During these economic times, we must renew our commitment to job creation so we can fund our state's priorities in the years ahead. When we invest in jobs and the economy, we build a stable foundation that can meet the needs of all Texans.

New jobs mean more money for our schools. New jobs mean dollars for health insurance and health care services. And new jobs mean more money in the pockets of Texans and more money flowing through our communities.

A good-paying job is how families can own a home, save for college and prepare for the future.

In my State of the State Address, I called for the creation of a Texas Enterprise Fund to help bring jobs and paychecks to our state. This initiative would help lure more businesses to Texas with modest investments from the state's Rainy Day Fund.

The Texas Enterprise Fund would include $200 million to provide our state with the ability to respond quickly and aggressively to opportunities to bring companies and jobs.

We could also fund an aggressive effort to attract the high-tech jobs of the future. Technology and biotechnology have the potential to generate tremendous wealth, thousands of jobs and advancements in our quality of life. I want Texas to be the world leader in those fields.

As we address our state's budgetary picture, a renewed commitment to job creation strengthens our state's economic position for the future. By fostering a strong and diverse business environment, Texas can insulate itself from future economic downturns. By investing in economic development, we are investing in more opportunities for all Texans.

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