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Nunnelee: CR Cuts $6 Billion and Lays Groundwork for Budget Showdown


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Nunnelee issued the following statement after voting in support of H.J. Res 48, the three week Continuing Resolution (CR) that will fund the government until April 8, 2011 in order to avoid a government shutdown. The three week CR includes $6 billion in spending cuts bringing the total to $10 billion in cuts over five weeks.

"The House acted responsibly by spending countless hours over four days openly debating and hammering out a long term spending bill," said Nunnelee. "However, Senate Democrats have failed to offer a budget solution and wish to continue their excessive spending.

"Continuing to pass stopgap measures is not the preferable way to fund the government, and we must focus on a long term game plan to finalize 2011 funding. The next three weeks is when the budget showdown occurs. We know a fight is coming, but we have to lay the proper groundwork. This three week CR provides us with the appropriate time needed for the fight.

"Republicans have done our duty to cut spending and keep the government running. I hope that the Senate and President will finally join us at the table to enact what the American people want, real spending reform. As much as House conservatives are committed to cutting spending, we only have control of one half of one third of the government -- we cannot act by ourselves," concluded Nunnelee.

On February 18th, the House passed H.R. 1 which would fund the federal government for the remaining months of fiscal year 2011 and included over $100 billion in spending cuts from the President's FY2011 budget proposal. The Senate Democrat leadership still has not responded with a plan.

The CR shows the House Majority's commitment to roll back spending to FY 2008 pre-stimulus, pre-bailout levels. Congressman Nunnelee cosponsored and voted for H.R. 2, legislation that would defund ObamaCare in its entirety -- including the $105 billion of pre-appropriated dollars and all funding moving forward. In the upcoming weeks, House Republicans will tackle ObamaCare slush funds.

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