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Luetkemeyer Backs $6 Billion in Spending Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO-9) today issued the following statement after the House passed a short-term continuing resolution that cut spending by $6 billion:

"I support the short-term continuing resolution that would cut $6 billion in spending. It's time for Senate Democrats and President Obama to finally embrace the notion that the spending status quo is unacceptable, and come forward with their own proposals to fund the government through the end of Fiscal Year 2011. They can no longer ignore our fast-growing national debt, which at last count amounted to an astounding $14 trillion. This bill continues to cut federal spending and reduces spending by $6.1 billion, the equivalent, on a pro-rated basis, to the spending reduction level in H.R. 1, a bill I also supported. Additionally, this bill would reduce or eliminate 25 federal programs. At a time when American families are doing more with less, I firmly believe the government should too. Moreover, I firmly believe our long-term fiscal health depends on Congress's willingness to make hard choices right now and that we cannot spend our way to prosperity. By cutting spending now, we are illustrating a commitment to live within our means, which is an essential step to creating a favorable atmosphere for job creation in the private sector."

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