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Congresswoman Hartzler Stands Up for Farmers Against an Out of Control EPA


Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler (MO-4), a member of the House Agriculture Committee, believes farmers are being hurt by an out of control Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that is trying to impose senseless and harmful new controls on agriculture. A lifelong farmer, Hartzler is rejecting, out of hand, a recent EPA attempt to justify its actions before the House Agriculture Committee.

"Farmers in Missouri and throughout the country are getting hammered by the EPA with its bullying and unreasonable actions that are hurting agriculture and raising the price of food at grocery stores," Hartzler said. "Farmers who have been environmentally-conscious for years do not get credit for their efforts. Instead, they are subjected to a powerful Washington authority they believe does not understand agriculture and doesn't want to understand it."

"Members of the Agriculture Committee recently heard from EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson," continued Hartzler. "She told us about what she calls "myths' and "mischaracterizations' regarding the EPA. I have seen firsthand the overstepping of reasonable limitations on the part of the agency and I'm not buying her claims. The Obama Administration's EPA tends to operate in a vacuum without regard for the consequences its decisions are having on Missouri and rural America. Congress must be vigilant and ready to take action on any new EPA rules that would be destructive to agriculture."

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