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It's a Wonderful Life

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, in the classic movie by Frank Capra called ``It's a Wonderful Life,'' the main character, the hero, played by Jimmy Stewart, contemplated the question of what would the world be like if you had not have lived. In his case, what would his town have been like. And I think that's the question we 435 Members of Congress have to answer: What would Congress be like if you were not serving? Would you go on spending money--right now, borrowing forty cents for every dollar we spend; a national debt of 96 percent of GDP; a deficit right now of $1.6 trillion. What if you had not served? Would it make a difference? That's what the debate is about right now. Eighty-seven new Members who came to Congress to change this spending habit, to say ``no,'' and Democrats and Republicans have their fingerprints on overspending, but it is now time for changing.

There's another popular movie called ``The Blind Side'' in which the main character was drafted by Ole Miss University to protect the quarterback on his blind side. That's what these Members need to do, Mr. Speaker, is protect the blind side of the taxpayers from absolute disaster.

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