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Congressman Dennis A. Ross Releases Statement on Voting NO on the 3 Week Continuing


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Dennis A. Ross, Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee on the Federal Workforce, Postal Service, and Labor Policy, today released the following statement about the short term Continuing Resolution, HJ Res. 48.

Upon voting NO, Congressman Ross said "Taxpayers, federal workers, war fighters, and small business owners need and deserve certainty. It is time the President and Senate leadership understand that they must come to the table with real spending cuts and hammer out an agreement with the House so we can move forward on the 2012 budget. Neither side will get all that we want, but the American people spoke loud and clear in November that Washington has a spending problem, and it is time to address it. Tough decisions must be made now, and for my part, I cannot look my kids in the eye and kick their future down the road."

1. HJ Res 48 represents a spending cut on this year's budget of .17%
2. The original CR ($61 billion) represents a spending cut on this year's budget of 1.7 %
3. The President and the Senate have not offered any spending cuts, but instead have offered some spending freezes and increases. That is like gaining 100 pounds and saying you won't gain any more weight, but will remain healthy.

Dennis Ross, son of Bill and Loyola Ross, was born in 1959 and raised in Lakeland, Florida. He graduated from Auburn University and the Cumberland School of Law at Sanford University. He has served as in-house counsel to the Walt Disney Company and as an associate of the law firm of Holland & Knight. He previously served in the Florida Legislature from 2000 until being term limited in 2008. Dennis and his wife, Cindy Hartley, were married in 1983 and have two sons, Shane and Travis.

In the 112th Congress, Dennis will serve on the Committee on Oversight & Government Reform (Chairman of the Federal Workforce, Postal Service & Labor Policy Subcommittee) as well as the Education & the Workforce and Judiciary Committees.

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