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Provide San Diego with Water

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, I have introduced H.R. 917, the South San Diego County Water Reclamation Project of 2011, to authorize the Bureau of Reclamation's participation in Phase I of the South San Diego County Water Reclamation Project.

* Southern California must reduce dependence on water that is imported from outside the region. The South San Diego County Water Reclamation Project is a comprehensive and coordinated approach by public water agencies to address this need by sustainably using groundwater resources through desalination of brackish water, and recycling of wastewater for non-potable uses.

* When fully implemented, the Project will reduce dependence on imported water by approximately 18,600 acre-feet (or 4 billion gallons) per year, enough to provide service to about 37,000 households. This will minimize supply and environmental impacts to the region's imported water sources, the Colorado River, and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay-Delta. This water supply would also mitigate the potential impacts of planned or emergency water supply interruptions.

* The Project includes the following components:

* A Regional Concentrate Conveyance Facility would serve existing and future desalting and water reclamation facilities. The proposed Conveyance Facility will facilitate continued and expanded operation of the existing Reynolds Desalination Facility and potentially other facilities that may be developed in the region.

* An additional groundwater desalination facility in the Otay River Valley.

* A Recycled Water Membrane Bioreactor Facility to treat wastewater and produce recycled water that will be constructed as part of Phase II of the project.

* The South San Diego County Water Reclamation Project will highly leverage scarce Federal resources. The maximum Federal share would be 25 percent, so each Federal dollar authorized would be matched by a minimum of three nonfederal dollars. In addition, no Federal funding would be used for the operation or maintenance of these facilities.

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