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San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and Airport Workers: Sol Price Spirit of Cooperation of the Year Award

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to proclaim that organized labor is often the sole force fighting for the rights of not just union members, but all workers.

* This was seen this past fall when union workers at the airport stood up for the rights of all concession, parking and restaurant workers by bringing forward a worker retention policy at the San Diego Regional Airport Authority.

* Up until then, workers had no job protections in the event of new contractors taking over business at the airport. If a shop or restaurant lost its lease, every employee working there could lose their job.

* Led by Airport Authority chairman Robert Gleason, the agency brought workers into the search for a solution. Workers were not only given a voice in the process, but their opinions and concerns were valued as expert testimony on the importance of the Airport Authority providing a sense of job security for workers with as many as 35 years of experience.

* Even when delays in the process occurred, it was due to Airport Authority commissioners believing that they could accomplish even more through their policy.

* By a final vote of 7-to-1, the Airport Authority eventually passed a worker retention policy that will protect airport workers. The vote proved that all parties can win when the voices of workers are taken into consideration.

* It gives me a great honor Mr. Speaker, that in light of their passage of a worker retention policy, I join with the Executive Board of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council in honoring the San Diego Regional Airport Authority and Airport Workers with the 2010-2011, ``Sol Price Spirit of Cooperation Award.''

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