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Rep.Grimm Statement on Today's Vote to Cut Spending By $6 Billion


Location: Unknown

"Today, Republicans moved another step forward in our promise to reign in wasteful and reckless Washington spending by passing a continuing resolution to cut $6 billion. Some may say that's not good enough, and I agree. This is just the next step in a long process of spending cuts and job creation, and we're just getting started.

Two weeks ago, we successfully cut $4 billion, and once today's $6 billion in cuts becomes law, Republicans will have cut $10 billion in 5 weeks. This unprecedented cut sends a message that the House Republicans mean business. Now that we have a record to stand on, it's time to stop putting short term band-aids on out-of-control spending. We've laid the groundwork and it's time to focus on a long-term fix. That is why, moving forward, I will oppose any future short-term stopgap bills, but feel very comfortable with our vote today and the position we will be in to negotiate spending cuts moving ahead."

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