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Hearing of the Legislative Branch Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee - Government Accountability Office


Location: Washington, DC

We will now turn to the Government Accountability Office. I would like to
welcome Comptroller General Gene Dodaro. Comptroller General Dodaro was
sworn in as the eighth Comptroller General of the United States on December 30, 2010. He is the first GAO career employee to be confirmed for the position in the 89 year history of GAO.

The fiscal year 2012 budget request for GAO is $556.8 million. This equates to the fiscal year 2010 appropriation and current fiscal year 2011 operations under the Continuing Resolution. I appreciate the efforts of GAO to recognize the need for fiscal discipline and restraint and look forward to working with you as we continue the fiscal year 2012 appropriations process.

The General Accountability Office is coined the "investigative arm" of Congress and "the congressional watchdog". They are tasked with improving government performance, accountability, and transparency. It is important to note that for every $1 invested in GAO--the federal government receives a return on that investment of $87. At a time when we are trying to be better stewards of the American taxpayer's money, be more efficient with less, and find areas to spend less, we are going to need the continued efforts of GAO to help us reach our goal.

I'd like to thank Mr. Dodaro for all of his hard work and dedication to the agency over his 38 years of service. I look forward to working with you.
At this time, I recognize the Ranking Member and welcome any remarks he may have.

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