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Ensign Announces "no' Vote on Continuing Resolution

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, today announced that he plans to vote "No' on another Continuing Resolution to fund the government for another three weeks. These CRs are a result of the President's failure to lead on spending cuts for this coming fiscal year.

"We cannot run a country based on three-week Continuing Resolutions to fund the government," said Ensign. "Last week, President Obama called this type of fiscal governing irresponsible, but he has yet to tackle the issue of spending cuts so that a real debate on his proposed budget for this fiscal year can take place. We cannot begin to honor his pledge of fiscal responsibility when the President has failed to lead on entitlement reform. President Obama's refusal to lead on spending cuts is as irresponsible as these Continuing Resolutions are, and I am ready to take my seat at the table to start tackling this budget as soon as he instructs the majority party to do the same."

Senator Ensign plans to vote against the Continuing Resolution this week because, while it does trim $6 billion from current spending levels, it only offers a short-term fix instead of a long-term solution that addresses fiscal stability. The House passed the CR today 271 to 158; the resolution now heads to the Senate.

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