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Ensign Responds to Obama Criticism of Gop Pledge to Fight for Spending Cuts, Fiscal Responsibility


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Ensign, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, today responded to President Obama's assertion that it is "irresponsible" to keep the government running based on two-week Continuing Resolutions.

"The President's failure to lead on these important spending cuts is what is irresponsible," said Ensign. "We have a desperate need to get our fiscal house in order. These two-week extensions to fund the government are less than ideal; on this point, he is correct. But these Continuing Resolutions are a result of his failure to lead and his failure to commit to the very difficult decisions that need to be made to get our country back on track.

"Borrowing $.40 out of every dollar that we spend and ballooning the deficit to over $20 trillion in the next 10 years are the most irresponsible things that we could be doing right now, but in this, President Obama is leading the way."

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