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H.R. 909: The "All of the Above" Energy Solution

Press Release

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Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-21), Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (WI-1), Rep. John Shimkus (IL-19), Rep. Mike Simpson (ID-02) and Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-1) introduced comprehensive energy legislation titled, A Roadmap for America's Energy Future.

The bill, also known as the Energy Roadmap, seeks to replace current U.S. energy policy with comprehensive and forward thinking initiatives designed to address both the short and long-term energy needs of the United States. It is an updated version of legislation introduced by Rep. Nunes during the 111th Congress.

"For too long, good paying energy jobs have been outsourced by federal policies that prioritize rationing over actual production. As a result, Americans have confronted unnecessarily high energy prices. To create jobs and to protect our long-term interests, we need to adopt an all of the above energy plan," said Rep. Devin Nunes.

The Energy Roadmap is a budget neutral, comprehensive national energy strategy. It delivers lower energy prices, enhanced energy security, and lasting economic growth.

"The Energy Roadmap is a common sense all-of-the-above approach that promotes American-made energy and American jobs. It offers a bold new path that provides additional support for renewable energy, while strengthening our competitiveness and reducing our dependence on government. The Energy Roadmap will help unlock the vast potential of our natural resources, promote a responsible transition to renewable energy resources, and reduce our reliance on foreign oil," said Chairman Paul Ryan.

The bill increases our domestic supply of energy by lifting restrictions on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Outer Continental Shelf, and oil shale in the Mountain West. It also removes barriers to expanding the uses of our nation's extensive coal supplies to fill the tanks of American military vehicles and jets.

To reduce electricity costs and provide enough base-load energy for the expansion of hybrid and advanced electric vehicles, the Energy Roadmap will triple our nation's nuclear energy capacity. This carbon free energy source will help us ensure 70% of the electricity generated in America is carbon emission free.

The Roadmap for America's Energy Future acknowledges that dependence on a single fuel source, particularly a finite resource, is not in our national interest and establishes a renewable energy trust fund to spur the mass deployment of affordable alternatives. The trust fund will be financed by the revenue generated by new fossil fuel development and not the American taxpayer, a mechanism that recognizes that the development of conventional energy does not have to be inconsistent with the long-term goal of renewables.

Finally, the Energy Roadmap legislation exceeds President Barack Obama's carbon reduction goals. However, the carbon reductions will not necessitate, as the President famously opined during his campaign for office, massive energy rate hikes on American consumers.

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