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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 830, FHA Refinance Program Termination Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. ANDREWS. I thank my friend from Colorado for yielding.

Mr. Speaker, I would venture to say that if we went to a mall this afternoon in our country, or a diner, or some other place where people gather--maybe people waiting outside of school to pick up their kids--and said, ``What would you like to see Congress work on this week?'' I think most of them would say, ``Why don't you work together to create an environment where small businesses and entrepreneurs can create jobs, because there are 15 million unemployed Americans and we need to put people back to work.'' Others of them might say, ``I'm concerned about educating my children. I have college-age children, and I'm looking at the cost of paying for college education, and I'm extremely concerned I'm not going to be able to educate my kids.'' Others might say, ``I'm worried about my parents. My mom or my dad live with me and their prescription costs are going through the roof and it's a major problem for them. I'm worried about health care for my parents.''

I'm sure there are some--there are many--who would say that they're worried about wasteful government spending, that they do want to see this government not waste their hard-earned money. And I guess there are some who would say there's this mortgage program that's been running for a couple of months, and I really think you should do something about that and get rid of it. There are some, and there will be debate about the merits of doing that.

But if we look at the record of this majority, 10 weeks of hearing those concerns and they are 0 for 10. Ten weeks, not one bill about jobs. Not one idea about jobs, not one effort to create an environment that small businesses and entrepreneurs would thrive in, and this is week number 10 and not a word.

Earlier, in the last debate, the gentleman from Texas said that the Republican job plan was to repeal the health care bill. That was their jobs plan. Well, that ignores the reality that since the health care plan was enacted, about 1.4 million jobs have been added to the economy, almost a quarter of a million of them in health care itself. So that's their jobs plan.

Their education plan is to go to a woman who's working part-time, raising children and trying to go to school, and reduce her college scholarship by $845, so that she probably has to either stretch the years in which she's in school or throw in the towel on her education altogether.

Their education plan is to take 10,000 reading teachers out of America's classrooms and 7,000 special education teachers out of America's classrooms. That doesn't sound like a very educated education plan to me.


Mr. ANDREWS. I thank the gentleman.

And, frankly, as far as the price of health care is concerned, if they succeed in repealing the health care bill, the price of prescription drugs will go up for people's moms and dads, not down. Jobs. Ten weeks. No plan. The cost of education. Ten weeks. A bad plan that raises the price of education. The prescription drug problem for seniors. Ten weeks. A bad plan that raises the price of prescriptions for seniors.

A lot of Americans would probably say they don't like the idea of paying $4 or $5 a gallon for gasoline at the gas pump. No plan from the majority. So we'll have a debate on the merits of this bill; but with all due respect, Mr. Speaker, this is the wrong bill at the wrong time. The American people want us to work together to create jobs, make education affordable, and make health care affordable, particularly for senior citizens in this country.

The majority is 0 for 10. Let's make this week the one that we break their losing streak and work for the people of our country.


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