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President Obama's Decision to Stop Defending DOMA

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, President Obama's decision to halt the federal government's defense of a congressionally enacted law, the Defense of Marriage Act, is a great disappointment. When the Attorney General and President of the United States take it upon themselves to determine which laws are worth defending and which are not, they are undermining the law-making role of Congress and the law-reviewing role of the courts. There is a reason it's called judicial review, not executive review.

* The President should not be picking and choosing which laws to enforce. If Congress passes a law and the courts have not deemed it unconstitutional, it is the executive branch's responsibility to defend and uphold that law, whether or not the chief executive agrees with the premise of that law. To do otherwise sets a very bad precedent.

* Plus, this raises questions about the President's insistence on moving forward with last year's health care overhaul law. After all, unlike DOMA, this law has already been deemed unconstitutional by more than one federal judge.

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