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Centennial Of The Theodore Roosevelt Dam

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Mr. QUAYLE. Mr. Speaker, next week we will celebrate the centennial of the Theodore Roosevelt Dam; I rise today to recognize the important role this structure has played in Arizona's history.

* Drought and floods often plagued the first settlers of our area. In 1902 the National Reclamation Act was signed into law paving the way for a unique public-private partnership that formed the Salt River Valley Water Users Association and later the Salt River Project (SRP). Soon after the Act was signed, residents in the area pledged their land to the Federal Government in order to build the Roosevelt Dam on the Salt River.

* Completed in 1911, just one year before Arizona gained statehood, the Roosevelt Dam helped our area flourish, first as a farming community and then as a growing population center. As the Valley landscape changed, SRP also adapted to the changing needs of the community by delivering water to both city treatment plants and farms.

* The history and growth of our area all began 100 years ago with the dedication of the Roosevelt Dam--it helped transform the Valley into one of the largest metropolitan regions in the country. Roosevelt Dam services an area covering more than 375 square miles and a 13,000 square mile watershed. I wish to honor this structure for the important role it plays in meeting Arizona's water and power needs, both in the past and into the next century.

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