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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Senator Miller, Governor Walker called your request for talks ridiculous. What"s your reaction to that?

STATE SEN. MARK MILLER (D), WISCONSIN: Well, you know, Ed, it"s good to see you again. It"s been two long weeks since last we met. But, you know, the Governor Walker in that same press conference said he had zero flexibility and then he accuses us of not being able to negotiate.

I think I"m beginning to understand why governor--one of the reasons why the governor wants to get rid of public bargaining and that"s because he doesn"t know how to do it, you know? The negotiations are what we are about in the political arena. Negotiations are what it"s about in collective bargaining. You got to know how to do it, though.

SCHULTZ: Senator Taylor, the Republicans are out there naming names. I mean, that kind of breaks down the trust. They"re out there. They called out Cullen and Jauch.

And where are Schultz and Ellis right now? Where do you think they stand right now on the Republican side?

STATE SEN. LENA TAYLOR (D), WISCONSIN: Well, you know, Schultz has pretty much stated in different ways that he does not support the bill. He"s wanted to see it amended.

Ellis has always been a very practical person. And as you stated earlier in your show that he has worked in a bipartisan way and know that he and Senator Risser have a good relationship as well as others. And so, there is, you know, always a possibility that individuals and we hope that individuals will do what"s right.

We"re wondering whose side are those senators, those 19 senators, those Republican senators, whose side are they on? Are they on the side of Wisconsin workers or are they on Walker"s side?

SCHULTZ: Mr. Miller, do you think that this recall conversation that"s being had in Wisconsin is enough to turn some of the folks away from the Republican Party and go with the workers?

MILLER: Oh, absolutely. Walker"s radical agenda has so divided our state that basically these recall efforts are a do-over in the November election. Walker did not campaign on his agenda. It"s been exposed in the budget repair bill.

It"s been exposed on the new budget bill which is undermining everything that we hold dear in Wisconsin. It"s privatizing the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is gutting the long tradition of environmental laws that are so important to our clean air and water.

Absolutely the--he is--he has divided our state and this will be a do-over for us.


TAYLOR: Ed, if I could, I just want to say one thing about the recalls. You know, in Alberta Darling"s district alone, there was a line around the block. There were hundreds of people who came to participate.

So, if this does not energize--you know, if this hasn"t energized Wisconsinites I don"t know, you know, why they"re, you know, around the corner. And more importantly, I hope that it will make senators rethink their position.

SCHULTZ: Well, if it doesn"t, where does that leave the 14? Where does that leave you? If they don"t--if they don"t cave in and they don"t change and they don"t--I mean, the public polling that"s out there shows that the Republicans are clearly on the wrong side. But what if they stand with the governor? How long can you hang in there?

MILLER: Well, it"s a question of whose side are you on? As Senator Taylor said, it"s a basic, fundamental question. Are you with an unpopular governor or are you with the workers who have been demonstrating for weeks?

SCHULTZ: It"s been almost--it"s been almost three weeks. I mean, there are no talks that are productive at this point. Is that a fair analysis?

TAYLOR: Well, clearly, based on what they did today, there"s a question of whether or not as Senator Jauch said, whether or not we can trust anything that they say or anything that they do. And you ask, you know, whether or not, you know, how long we can stay out. You know, the issue at this juncture is whose side are they on as Senator Miller has stated.

And in the long run, we"re going to ultimately have to go home. We can"t stay here. We"ll continue to analyze what to do but the recalls really also provide an opportunity for Wisconsinites to take this baton and to really do what needs to be done to hold them accountable.

My favorite candy is Now and Laters. They"re going to see them now, they"re going to hear them now, they"re going to listen to them now, or they"re going to have to deal with them later.

SCHULTZ: Senator Miller, Senator Taylor and the group, great to have you with us tonight. I appreciate your time so much.


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