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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. JACKSON of Illinois. Let me express my appreciation to you and to the leadership of this Congress for allowing me 30 minutes to speak to my constituents, but also to speak to the American people about the central issue that confronts our Nation and this economic crisis.

Mr. Speaker, the central issue that has confronted every Congress that remains unaddressed, for which I want to talk about tonight, is unemployment.

The unemployment rate in our country is too high. The Democratic message, job creation and create jobs, I respect that message.

Republicans believe in tax cuts and tax breaks and pro-business perspective, which many Democrats support as well, and I believe that, clearly, economic growth is the path to job creation. But for the unemployed in our Nation, a very, very different category, the debate, led by Democrats and led by Republicans in the Congress of the United States, all too often ignores people who are unemployed.

Unemployment is a very special category. Every Member of Congress knows the numbers, but it's the American people who are feeling them. About 9 percent of the country is ``unemployed'' based on the definition of unemployed that the Bureau of Labor Statistics uses.

But in communities like mine, it's around 15 percent, and that's conservative. Some communities have as high as 30 percent unemployment.

So when Democrats come to the floor of the Congress and talk about job creation, for African Americans, for minorities and for women, when we hear that language, because we are usually the last hired and the first fired, job creation isn't a message that touches my constituents. It's not a message that touches the long-term unemployed who find themselves in the barrios, the ghettos, and the trailer parks of our Nation.

So the question is why Democrats and Republicans in Congress, both promoting growth, Republicans promoting tax breaks and tax cuts and limited government as a way to stimulate the economy, Democrats focusing on job creation as a way to separate the economy, which might include reasonable spending and deficit reduction measures, why, in the midst of our conversation, led by Republicans in the majority and Democrats, unemployed Americans continue to grow. There is this huge category that Democrats are not speaking to and Republicans are not speaking to but needs to be addressed in order to strengthen our economy and change the present direction.

You see, Mr. Speaker, if we can provide a job for every American, if we can eliminate unemployment just like we eliminated slavery, if we can eliminate unemployment just like as a Nation we are trying to eliminate discrimination against women and against the disabled and against the gays and lesbians of our Nation, if we can eliminate unemployment--the way our system is actually set up, if every American is working they pay into the system. And if they are paying into the system, it pays for future generations of Americans to take advantage of the entitlement programs that my colleagues who just left the floor were talking about. But if there is high unemployment in any given generation, it profoundly impacts the kinds of resources that are available for the Federal Government and local governments to handle basic programs that keep our Nation strong in every succeeding generation for every American.

Mr. Speaker, many Americans have been out of work. For many months they have stopped looking for work. So even though they have no jobs, they are not counted as unemployed.

Over the last few months, I have called on unemployed, underemployed, and economically insecure Americans to send me their resumes and their stories so that I can keep unemployment front and center before our government.

Unemployment. I did not say job creation. I did not say deficit reduction or tax reductions to corporations. I said unemployment, that thing that President Roosevelt talked about when he said, ``We have nothing to fear but fear itself.''

President Roosevelt wasn't talking about the Russian bear. He wasn't talking about Nazis in Germany. He wasn't talking about fascism in Italy under Mussolini. He was talking about the deterioration of our national fiber and fabric from within, unemployment.

And at the time that he was delivering that speech, Mr. Speaker--I know that my chart here is probably inadequate for the C-SPAN cameras--but the largest spike in our Nation's history for unemployment, between 1930 and 1945, was during President Roosevelt's administration. Now one would think that the goal would be in order to keep men content and women content in their homes, in their jobs, and actually believing in our country, that we would be working collectively as Democrats and Republicans to eliminate the idea of unemployment as a potential factor in the life of the American people.

But no. We're talking about job creation, we're talking about deficit reduction, and somehow we believe that by moving the interest rates and the levers of our economy that somehow corporations that have chosen to leave the United States and locate in foreign countries abroad, that somehow they're going to come back to America and provide us with enough work for millions of Americans who find themselves unemployed, underemployed, and out of work.

So, Mr. Speaker, to demonstrate this shameful condition, I have called on unemployed, underemployed, and economically insecure Americans to send me their resumes so that I can tell their story and so that I can keep unemployment front and center. Thousands of people responded and sent their resumes to me at And so tonight, I want to share a few of the emails that I received. And Mr. Speaker, I hope these stories will compel this Congress to make ending unemployment once and for all a national priority. If we can end unemployment once and for all, we can save Social Security without any cuts to Social Security. If we can end unemployment once and for all, we can take the entitlement programs off of the table.

But there is very little focus on ending unemployment. Congress is focused on job creation. However, Congress' efforts, historically, at job creation have gotten it probably at least about a C-minus in terms of what most economists actually believe Congress has the power to create jobs. Congress doesn't create jobs. The private sector creates jobs. Congress can offer incentives for the private sector to create jobs, but Congress cannot create jobs unless Congress is going to hire everybody, which, Mr. Speaker, is not necessarily a bad idea of Congress hiring everybody. But that's another Special Order.

I want to talk tonight, Mr. Speaker, about these Americans who have been left behind, and at the conclusion of my remarks hopefully offer some insight in what I think could serve as a constructive part of a conversation about ending long-term unemployment for all Americans.

First, I want to start with Linda Stabile. Linda wrote a letter to Speaker Boehner. She said, ``I'm a 63-year-old woman who has been laid off from my job I loved in mid-June of 2009.'' She got laid off from her job she loved. ``Since then, I have spent every day looking for work unsuccessfully. I am a four-time breast cancer survivor and in December underwent my second mastectomy in 3 years. I have a small condo with a modest mortgage, but sold my car last August to help me make ends meet. Unless I'm able to find even a part-time job, in a few months I will join the ranks of the 99ers with an uncertain future. Should I lose my home, I have nowhere to go.

``There are many Americans who face the same frightening prospect, I know, and I'm sure you receive many communications such as mine. But I do hope that you will lend your support to extending benefits for the long-term unemployed.

``The emotional, physical, and psychological stress of day-to-day job hunting is painful, and it's damaging beyond words. I begin each day with a hopeful outlook, but at the end of the day, restorative sleep is beyond my reach. I am talented. I have good skills. But time is running out. Please, won't you make jobs a priority? Respectfully, Linda Stabile.''

Linda, I believe that we should make jobs a priority, and ending the shameful condition of unemployment ought to be a priority of this Congress.

Linda M. Stabile


Highly organized and energetic administrative professional with wide experience in managing multi-faceted projects, along with day-to-day support of an office or executive, with emphasis on sales.

Proven skills in writing, editing, interpersonal communication, and attention to detail.

Excellent computer skills--Microsoft Office Suite: Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.


WTTW Channel 11/98.7 WFMT-FM, Chicago, IL 1999-2009

Sales and Marketing Support

Supported Television and Radio Advertising Sales Executive Level staff by creating color one-sheets and PowerPoint bound and on-screen presentations to attract potential advertisers.

Consulted with Research Director and Director of Business Affairs/Sales Planning to extract ratings, demographics, and pricing details.

Developed and maintained first-ever Program Fact Book to provide Sales Department with detailed programming information in a single, comprehensive reference source. Interfaced with various PBS stations and their public relations firms to obtain information vital to the sales process, often under tight deadline pressure.

Updated media kits on quarterly or as-needed basis, enabling Sales Staffs to keep up-to-date on regularly or frequently changing specifics.

Designed invitations for Sales events and coordinated arrangements with other departments.

Recruited American Indian volunteers to work themed WTTW Pledge night, resulting in $30,000 Pledge total.

WTTW Channel 11, Chicago IL 1992-1998

General Administrative

Provided phone support to Vice President, Sales and Marketing--WTTW, scheduled meetings, processed travel and entertainment expenses, tracked invoices, generated contracts and high quality reports.


Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, IL [temporary position]

General Administrative

Provided secretarial and extensive client service support to the Executive Assistant Manager and Front Office Manager.

Inter-Continental Hotels Corporation Chicago and Houston

Sales and Marketing Support--Assistant to National Director, Incentive Sales, Chicago

Edited copy for incentive travel programs and finalized with head office.

Compiled incentive sales training manual for U.S. Sales Force.

Inside Sales Manager, Houston National Group Sales Center

Solicited and managed corporate, association, tour and travel accounts for worldwide hotel chain.


Northwestern University, Downtown Chicago campus--Communications/Advertising coursework.


Chicago Women in Hospitality--Founded and promoted professional women's organization.

Lincoln Park Zoo--Former docent and staff volunteer assistant.

Tree House Humane Society--Development Office volunteer (heavy phone contact, database input).

Mitchell Museum of the American Indian--Volunteer and docent-in-training.

From Michael B. Alexander, master of science in real estate management, master of urban planning, design, and development,

``Hello. I willingly left my job as a city planner with the city of Largo, Florida, to pursue an MSc degree in Sweden in August of 2008. I have been looking for work all over the United States actively since August 2010, when I received my degree. While I had four interviews, I've easily applied for over 250 jobs between August and February. It is worth noting that I have accrued a sizeable amount of debt from all of

my education over the years, and I'm currently unable to make my payments. The loans are continuing to accrue interest and are currently in economic hardship deferment.

``Please let me know what I have in the future. I have had a pretty good life for some time now. When I was working a few years ago, times were okay, but when I returned to the U.S.A. after graduate school late last year, I was disappointed that I tried to make life better by going back to school only to regret leaving my previous stable job in Florida. I know that my life is not bad as some Americans, but I'm now starting to feel hopeless. Please keep me posted on the status of this campaign'' to collect resumes at

Michael B. Alexander II


Seeking employment in financial analysis and land use management through which I can demonstrate my analytical, organizational and problem solving skills.


Proficient in Excel, GIS and SPSS software for the purpose of real estate analysis

Skilled in performing all aspects of market and financial analysis to determine project feasibility

Possesses excellent technical writing and public presentation skills

Experienced in analyzing and interpreting state and municipal laws regulating land use and development

Communicates and collaborates well with a diverse group of staff, citizens and stakeholders


School of Architecture and the Built Environment--

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

Master of Science in Real Estate Management, November 2010

Maxine Goodman-Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio--

Master of Urban Planning, Design, and Development, May 2006

Paul J. Everson Real Estate Scholarship Award

Graduate Certificate in Real Estate Development and Finance, May 2005

Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, Cum Laude, GPA: 3.49, August 2004


Contract Theory

Real Estate Investment Analysis

Real Estate Valuation

Facility Management

Public Finance and Economics

Leadership and Management Skills

Real Estate Market Analysis

Urban and Regional Economics


Computer Skills: Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SPSS (STATA), Mapinfo 7.0 (GIS)

Language Skills: Mandarin Chinese, Novice


The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden--

MSc Real Estate Management Student, August 2008-November 2010

Created discounted cash-flow models for commercial projects and analyzed factors such as public subsidies, financing options, net present value, and rate of return to determine project feasibility

Researched public policies such as tax incentives, grants and Brownfield redevelopment funds that impact real estate investor decision making in Cleveland, Ohio

Prepared property appraisal reports on mixed-use commercial property located in Stockholm using different appraisal methods to determine value

Assumed a leadership role to employ analytical and cooperative skills to complete reports and projects on or before deadlines

Analyzed the design of commercial property sale and lease contracts to determine hidden characteristics or hidden action problems for acquisition and tenant occupancy purposes


City of Largo, Community Development Department-Planning Division, Largo, Florida--

City Planner, August 2006-August 2008

Performed all aspects of site plan review from conducting pre-development meetings with applicants and city staff to final inspection and issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy

Worked closely with elected and appointed officials, investors, property owners, engineers, architects, contractors and lawyers to complete projects on schedule and in accordance with City regulations

Prepared and publicly presented technical land use reports and city ordinances to City Commission and Planning Board including, but not limited to, vacation of easements and right-of-ways, land use amendments and variances

Mr. Speaker, what about all of the men and women who valiantly and bravely serve our Nation in Afghanistan and Iraq? Many of them came from communities where the jobless rate was high and sought not only an opportunity to serve their Nation, which they have done valiantly, but after having served their Nation, are returning to the United States to find unprecedented unemployment in our country. After having served our Nation, after having risked their lives and after having put the last full measure of their devotion on the line to protect our freedom, can this Congress, will this Congress not stop for a moment to guarantee them remunerable work worthy of the sacrifice that they made for our Nation, or are they, too, to join the long list of unemployed Americans? Are they, too, to join the long list of Americans who find themselves and their homes in foreclosure, who find themselves without health care or without the necessary benefits to provide for their future, for their families and their loved ones? Mr. Speaker, this Congress can do better.

``I have been unemployed,'' Representative Jackson, according to Sharon Inglima, ``since December of 2008, with AIG 10 years. I read on the Unemployment Examiner that you were looking for resumes from the 99ers. I've been on 20 interviews over the last 2-plus years, and I have not found a job.''

This is not someone lazy, Mr. Speaker. Sharon Inglima is looking.

``I've looked online, attended job fairs and meetings, I've contacted businesses and personal contacts who are constantly looking for positions for me. I want and need to get back to work and have health care benefits. Right now, I'm on Medicaid. I'm extremely professional and a hard worker. And like so many, I can't believe this economy.

``Our Government needs to take us seriously and feel our pain. They also need to extend our unemployment benefits. If we can print money for every country who needs money from us, why does our government leave us out in the dust? I am sure I feel as other 99ers do, humiliated and depressed. It's tough for us to keep going, but we must.

``Please stand up for us. I wrote Senators SCHUMER and GILLIBRAND to support the new 99er unemployment bill 589. We need to pass this, and if Republicans want it paid for, please find the money. My resume is attached. Thank you.'' Sharon Inglima, who is writing concerning her job and the absence thereof in our economy.

Sharon M. Inglima
97 Keiber Court
Staten Island, New York 10314
(718) 447-2450
(917) 327-4612


American International Group--(2002-2008)

American International Realty Group, Inc.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Administrative Services

Executive Administrative support for AI Realty Group President, as well as supervising administrative staff.

Responsibilities include:

Expense documentation and management, including supervising departmental bill/invoice processing

Supervising overall office services for the department, including ordering and managing supplies, general telephone coverage, correspondence, travel arrangements, filing, and external and internal presentations

All senior level confidential communications, including managerial payroll, scheduling

Reporting directly to company President with direct management of all travel arrangements, meetings, communications, and general administrative support to the President

Assist in facilitating special operations reporting to the department. This includes, Business Continuity, Emergency Critical Contact procedures

American International Group--(1999-2002)

Executive Department of the Greater New York Region

Executive Administrative Supervisor

Executive Administrative support for Company President.

Responsibilities include coordinating travel arrangements, tracking expense and vendor requisitions, as well as coordinating executive's overall schedule, including departmental, internal and external client meetings. Additional responsibilities include: coordinated, formatted, and proofed technical and senior management reports, internal and external presentations and correspondence, through the use of various systems and programs.

American International Group

Commercial Accounts & Middle Market Divisions

Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive Administrative support for Company President.

Responsibilities included coordinating travel arrangements, overall scheduling, tracking and reporting on expenses and vendor requisitions. Also, I was directly responsible for the coordination of all senior level, internal and external client meetings. Formatted and proofed technical reports, presentations and correspondence.

Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.--(1995-1999)

Corporate Marketing/Business Development

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant to Senior Director of Corporate Marketing.

Responsibilities included coordinating all scheduling, travel arrangements, assist in preparation of all senior level reports, internal and external correspondence, as well as coordination with all direct reports to the Senior Director. Directly responsible for the coordination of all client meetings for the Senior Director.


Columbia Basin College--1993-1995--Richland & Pasco, WA

Major: Business Administration

Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School Adult Training Program--1980--New York, NY

Major: Business Administration


IBM and Mac Computers

MS Windows

MS Outlook

MS Word

MS Excel

MS WordPerfect

MS PowerPoint

Typing 65 wpm

Internal systems include:


WAVES--Vendor Billing/Payments

Concur--Expense (Employee) Reimbursement

ESource (Ariba)--Vendor/Supplier equipment and supply ordering

So, Mr. Speaker, we are at an impasse here. The President of the United States, a close and dear friend of mine, came before this Congress most recently, and I believe he mentioned the words ``job creation'' 31 times. He mentioned the word ``innovation'' I think 11, maybe 15 times, and never mentioned ``unemployment'' one time--not one time--as if unemployment is not a factor in the lives of the American people.

I come to the House floor and I hear Democrats in 1-minute speeches and 5-minute speeches. I hear Republicans talk about austerity measures and why they need to cut the budget and cut programs which, by the way, will only leave States to cut budgets and programs. And guess what? There are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of Americans who are going to wake up one of these days, and guess what? There's going to be no federal program there for them. There's going to be no State programs there for them as States pursue austerity measures.

Is there anyone concerned about that around here, that some Americans are going to wake up one morning and there won't be a government for them either at the State level or the Federal level, because a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people is supposed to be caring for the people.

Carol Tomasetti, ``Congressman Jackson, I'm writing my story to be entered into the Congressional Record. I'm a 53-year-old, educated with a bachelor degree woman who has worked her whole life. I have 20 years of recruiting and human resources experience and have worked my whole life. I was laid off from my job at Nursefinders due to the economy tanking, and here I am 2 1/2 years later with no job and no prospects. I have sent thousands of resumes out, and I have tried to network as much as possible to help me land something.

``I am at the point where I feel like my spirit is broken. I live in Rochester, New York; need I say more? The economy here is so bad that there are no opportunities. I have even started to redirect my efforts toward administrative and customer service positions. My unemployment ran out last week, and my husband and I are in a panic mode.

``My husband worked at Eastman Kodak for 30 years and I was downsized 3 1/2 years ago because there is no manufacturing left here. He was out of work for all that time and has since gone back to work at a job he is much too overqualified for and is making half of what he was making at Kodak. I am ashamed that our standard of living has gone down to what it is. We own a home, and we do not live above our means. We pay our bills, give back to the community we live in, tried to save for our retirement, and buy what we have to and want to support our economy. We both have never not worked. Now all this is jeopardized because we have only one income and cannot meet our bills and commitments. We now have no health insurance because we cannot afford it since the unemployment ran out. The company where my husband works does not offer it because they cannot afford it. I cannot believe at our age we are in this situation, and going from bad to worse. I am not looking for any handouts. I want to get back to work and having a life. I need assistance until I can finally find a job.

``When are the politicians in this country going to finally start working for the American people and not themselves? You all are self-serving. I do not believe that you are doing what it takes to turn this country around. I have no confidence in any of you, and I don't believe anything that is said. Who are you to decide how our lives will be run and affected? Maybe you should stop sending money to every other country in the world and start worrying about our own backyard. We need help now.''

That is Carol J. Tomasetti from Rochester, New York. She sends her resume hoping, Mr. Speaker, that she won't be ignored by the Congress of the United States.

Carol J. Tomasetti
179 Walzford Rd., Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 544-5521 (585) 721-1727


Recruiting/Human Resource/Administrative

Possess strong commitment to team environment

Developed/maintained long term relationships

Independent accountability

Excellent organizational skills

Work well with diverse populations

Three years of teaching experience

Ability to multi-task, detail orientated

Strong time management skills

Excellent written and verbal skills

Software/Technical Skills

Proficient in Word, Excel, and Internet Explorer

Working knowledge of Access and PowerPoint

Internal/proprietary database management

Excellent posting and researching skills within internet candidate/job posting sites

Professional History


Rochester, New York

Nurse Recruiter

Source, screen, interview and perform reference checks on applicants for contract, per diem and direct hire positions

Maintain frequent contact with medical facilities via phone and on-site visits

Promotes Nursefinders at a variety of recruitment functions such as job fairs, universities, career/community events

Meet with department supervisors to develop strategies to improve staffing

Generate tracking reports

Assist in scheduling applicants for sites

Negotiate wage rates and other terms and conditions of employment with candidates

Communicate effectively with others to create a productive environment

Communicate with peers by sharing ``best practices'' and providing accurate, thorough documentation on employees in applicant tracking system

Wilson Commencement Park--2006-2006

Rochester, New York

Employment Specialist

New position created from state grant to assist organization service clients

Interviewed, advised, assessed and guided a diverse population of clients to ascertain employability

Determined client's eligibility for services, apprises clients of their rights, benefits, responsibilities and obligations under program participation

Evaluated client readiness for job referral, classroom training, on-the-job training and/or support services

Attempted to match clients with available employment, training or other opportunities/services

Assisted clients in resolving barriers to employment by identifying needs for services

Analyzed information obtained from interviews, tests and other sources to develop short/long term client goals

Developed and implemented individual employment plans

Rochester Business Institute--2003-2006

Rochester, New York

Externship Coordinator/Adjunct Faculty

Spearheaded department Medical Externship Program

Exceeded goals by placing 70% of externs in permanent positions post graduation

Coordinated, assigned, tracked, and reported activities related to the Medical Assisting Externship Program

Facilitated the student's transition from class work to externship to graduate in preparation for placement

Resolved student inquiries, issues and problems

Maintained contact with local employers, visit sites, secure signed affiliation agreements

Assisted in graduation ceremonies twice an academic year and other responsibilities as assigned

Adjunct instructor for ``Career Skills'' class Target: last quarter students/externship candidates

Bishop Kearney High School--2001-2002

Rochester, New York

Director of Admissions

Efforts resulted in raising school enrollment by 35% within first year

Conducted all phases of recruitment and promotion of the school in a newly-created position

Interviewed and advised parents and prospective students

Delivered presentations to incoming students

Managed open house, freshman orientation, registration, as well as other events such as: Rhino's Exhibition week, Honor Walk Event, school tours, and shadow visits

Worked with local parishes to promote Catholic education

Developed tracking reports, procedural guidelines

Involved in development of foreign exchange boarding program for the school

Bryant & Stratton College--1990-2001

Rochester, New York

Senior Admissions Counselor

Achieved and exceeded goals every semester for enrollment, resulting in several ``Top Gun'' awards within the Eastern Region

Recruited traditional and non-traditional students, promoted the college in a wide range of settings

Conducted the entire process of admissions, including appointments, student follow-up, admission procedural assistance and ongoing student consultation

Interviewed and trained new admissions staff as needed

Interacted regularly with community groups and municipal/state agencies

Participated in student orientation, registration, graduation, and other recruitment functions


B.S., Bachelor of Science, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York

A.A.S., Communications/Journalism, Marymount College of Virginia, Arlington, Virginia


Irondequoit Youth Bureau Board, Seneca Park Zoo Zoobilation Committee (annual fundraising), Compeer Volunteer; Learning International, Professional Selling Skills Certificate, United Way Campaign Coordinator, Presidential Campaign--involved in fund raising, assisted in organizing social events in Washington, D.C., Big Sisters Organization Community Volunteer

How about Annie Mosley: ``I want to thank you so very much for stepping up and speaking on behalf of the unemployed. And not to bore you, in 2006, me and my husband moved into a home with $1,500. We were both working. And in July of 2008, my husband was arrested for domestic violence and spousal abuse that escalated on July 27. This was after my brother committed suicide and my mother had a severe stroke. I took care of my brother's funeral expenses with the help of a State assistance fund, a wonderful church family and beautiful people I've met along life's journey with a funeral home business.

``And through it all, in September of 2008 I brought my mom to live with me because I refused to allow her to be in a nursing home. I've worked in as well as visited those homes for low-income, destitute people. Then I brought my oldest granddaughter to live with me because even though we are not middle class and have no college fund, she has Spelman or Georgia State, majoring in pediatric medicine in her future. A dream she has had since the age of 4.

``I filed bankruptcy in January 2009 to save my home and lost my job in September 2009 and was forced out of bankruptcy in April of 2010. My home was saved again in July of 2010 due to the unethical practices of the Bank of America who took over Countrywide. And by right, I should lose this home because I don't have enough to pay an $1,800 mortgage, Mr. Speaker. I am divorced and unemployed. But God made a promise to me about my home and taking care of my mom. I am standing on those, but here is my resume, and I thank you again.''

Annie Luerendae Mosley
207 Natchez Road
Henrico VA 23223
Contact Numbers: Hm. (804) 322-1033
Cell (804) 437-9669
Email; AL


Skilled and dedicated Administrative Assistant, Support Person, Office Manager, Accounting Clerk with more than 20 years coordinating, planning, and supporting daily operations and administrative, financial technology functions.

Demonstrated capacity to provide comprehensive team support for Executive level staff. Proficient in check preparation for vendor payment and weekly garnishments, semi-monthly royalties.

Instrumental in introduction of bank scanning on premises. Trained primary users on scanning system.

Online student at the Liberty University; majoring in Psychology, Bachelors of Science Degree Program.

Feb. 09-Sept. 30-09: Accounting Principals (Assignment: James River Coal Company, River Front Plaza)

Staffing Coordinator: Jennifer Green

Position: Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk


Prepare and cut checks for Vendor Payment, Garnishments, Royalties, Pull Royalty Letters

Check Run and Batching, Monthly Production Reports, Create Check Vouchers

Reconciliations, Month End Closings, Accounts Payables/Receivables

Research Voucher and Vendor Numbers, Run Positive Pay, Bank Deposits, Scanned Bank Deposits

Filing, Faxing, Copying

Apr. 07-Feb. 09: LandAmerica

Manager: Jerry Duffey

Position: Accounts Receivable/Payable Clerk II


Fax Server Specialist, Processing Invoices for payment using PeopleSoft Image Now 6

Accounts Receivables/Payables

Preparing written correspondences and requests for missing information, Research Invoices and Missing Images

Creating Spreadsheets using Excel, Week & Month End Calculations, A/P Data Prep

Copying, Scanning, Faxing, Filing

Jan. 06-Apr. 07: Accounting Principals (Assignments: EverDrive, Wachovia Securities, Innsbrook)

Supervisor: Jennifer Green

Position: Technology & Finance Analyst, Accounting Clerk/Accounts Payable Specialist


SR Approvals, Ordering Supplies using OSCAR, Filling out Mac Request, Pulling and Emailing Hyperion Reports, Re-classing and closing RCS, Research using IRIS

A/P Account/Vendor reconciliation, A/P vendor relations, A/P Data Prep, Data entry

Reconciliation, Forecasting, Month End Closing

Filing, Faxing, Fax Server, Scanner, Copying, Batching

Mar. 04-Dec. 05: Exclusive Staffing (Assignments: Bank of America, Phillip Morris, Inc., City of Richmond Zoning Department)

Supervisor: Deseria Creighton

Position: Administrative Assistant/A/P & Verification Specialist/Logistics Analyst/Docs Specialist


Verifications (income, deposits, mortgage/rent), HUD reviewer/Closer

Printed reports, Master Card Approval (Search & Match, Fraud Detection), FedEx mailing

Docs Analyst (requested and filed all documents needed for closing loans

Researched RESPA Premier Accounts

NDS Function (mailed NDS letters (RESPA), pulled internet reports, sorted and mailed Deeds PCR (prepare General Ledger Credits and Debits), Compliance (cleaned/logged/filed Withdrawn & declined files), verification of documents for proper shipments (import & Export)

Reconciled and prepared invoices for payment, Cataloged files for storage, data entry, filing, copying, faxed, answered phones, rerouted messages

Apr. 03-Feb. 04: Sunterra Resorts, INC.

Supervisor: Cassandra Elliotte

Position: Administrative Assistant/A/P Specialist/Resolution & Courtesy Clerk


Debit & credit memos, Reconciliation of monthly statements & reports, Updated credit card logs daily (for 3 properties), Tracked & submitted payroll, Application of charges, Recorded Minutes

Dictation, set up interviews, data entry, supplies and inventory clerk, scheduled reservations

Pulled production & TMA reports, Guest relations/customer Service (successful resolutions of customer's complaints), obtained codes for promotions, filing, copying, faxed, answered phones, recorded & rerouted of messages

Aug. 91-Jul. 02: Sixth Baptist Church

Supervisor: Pastor: Dr. Yvonne Jones Bibbs

Administrator: Ronnie West

Position: Administrative Assistant/Clerk /Accounts Receivable/Payables


Scheduled appointments/travel arrangements, filing, answered phones, met with and secured venders for services needed, recorded and rerouted messages, faxed, copying, records/supplies and inventory clerk, purchaser, A/P (prepared check request from statements), data entry (sorted and keyed member's contributions; weekly and yearly for a 500 + membership)

Prepared quarterly and annual tax statements, updated daily & weekly message boards

Printed and designed weekly and special day's bulletins, typed and printed annual Church Yearbook (for distribution to membership), typed correspondences, dictation, recorded Minutes


Presently enrolled online at Liberty University Online

Major: Psychology--Bachelors of Science Degree

Virginia University of Lynchburg (Richmond Site)

Bachelors of Science Degree Program in Theological Studies

Commonwealth College, (now Bryant & Stratton) Richmond, Virginia

Graduate: Diploma (Medical Assistant/Office Management)

Amelia County High School, Amelia County, Virginia

Graduate: Diploma


ASP-400, Bank Scanner, Image Now 6, Oracle PeopleSoft, Fax Archives, Lotus Notes, Access, Excel, Word, Microsoft Outlook, Windows XP, WordPerfect 2000, MS Works, OSCAR, IRIS, Power Point

Annie Mosley represents thousands of Americans who are taking care of their families and loved ones and bringing their children back home because there are no resources available in our economy to make sure she gets home. While we are sitting around here in Congress, passing bills that aren't going anywhere, we have yet to address the fundamental issue of unemployment that confronts all Americans.

I want to deviate from the resumes for a moment and talk about something that I think is at stake here.

I have been doing a little research, Mr. Speaker, as I have been lamenting upon and reading the resumes of unemployed Americans all over our country. And it is not just enough to complain about what is going wrong here. Something has to happen. Something is profoundly wrong in our democracy, in our Republic, that needs to be fixed.

I heard the previous speakers talk about our Founding Fathers and how they ultimately outlawed slavery in the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. And it occurred to me, Mr. Speaker, that from 1619, when the first slaves arrived in our country, until 1776, the greatest capitalists in the history of our world lived. They were the colonists and the traders, those who took the greatest risks to travel across oceans to land here on the shores of America. They were capitalists. They believed in trading beans and corn and gold and natural resources, and they were seeking a new life when they came to the United States of America. Or came to these shores, more accurately stated.

After the Somerset decision of 1774 and the reaction in the colonies that led to the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and those famous words ``all men are created equal,'' the founders of this Republic, the founders of this Republic had an opportunity to say ``no'' to government; no need for government. We don't need a Federal Government. We no longer have the crown pursuing us. We are going to win, and we won the Revolutionary War. We don't need government. That was their choice.

But instead, Mr. Speaker, you know what they did? They chose government. They said that the American enterprise that we have been engaged in for a century and a half before the Declaration of Independence is an enterprise that we need to continue, that freedom system, that open system that allows bartering and trade, that allows activity, that allows potential economic growth. Now, however narrow in their thinking, there was full employment at that time for white male landowners. If you were a white woman, you couldn't vote. If you were African American, obviously you were in a condition of slavery. But for the architects of the Republic who protected the right to vote for white male landowners, clearly the white male landowners were doing just fine. They had full employment. Full employment.

So the struggle from the founding of this country all of the way to the 13th Amendment was about amending that which they established so that more Americans, Mr. Speaker, could participate in the American enterprise.

I asked the Congressional Research Service the other day how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment, that amendment added to the Constitution in 1791 by the founders of our Republic. You know what they told me? Congressman, it is impossible to calculate how many jobs are tied to the First Amendment.

I said: Impossible to calculate? I said: Why?

He said because to be an American is tied to the First Amendment. He said: Congressman, you must understand--which I did--that all corporate activity in America is First Amendment activity.

Look at the jobs that come from the First Amendment: Washington Post, Washington Times; New York Post, New York Times; Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times; AM/FM, and all of the radio stations, First Amendment.

ABC, NBC, CBS, C-SPAN, all of the jobs, First Amendment.

Magazines, First Amendment.

iPods, iPhones, applications, First Amendment.

Time Square, First Amendment activity. Advertising, the Super Bowl, First Amendment activity.

All of these jobs--the original capitalists who came to the conclusion that this was worth protecting in our Constitution--established in the freedom system, the greatest jobs program in our Nation's history. They called it freedom of speech. And in that same amendment, they included freedom of religion.

Think about the jobs tied to 501(c)(3)s, 501(c)(4)s, 501(c)(5)s, all of that First Amendment activity. All charitable giving, all foundation activity, all tied to First Amendment activity.

So the greatest jobs program that the Founding Fathers bequeathed to us is the First Amendment. Now, tell me why, as we reflect upon the conclusion of African American History Month, and as someone who existentially is in Congress today as a result of the Nation's struggle to make our country better, a unique group of people in the Constitution, whose freedom came from the Constitution, why we should not, with high unemployment, look to our Constitution for the answer.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that the answer to long-term unemployment is actually in the Constitution of the United States.

Well, let me say that a little differently. It's not in the Constitution of the United States. It should be in the Constitution of the United States, and one of these days we're going to get there.

But I want to bring to the House's attention an important speech delivered by our President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. President Roosevelt said, on January 11, 1944, from that microphone and that platform:

``It is our duty now to begin to lay the plans and determine the strategy for the winning of a lasting peace and the establishment of an American standard of living higher than ever before known. We cannot be content, no matter how high that general standard of living may be, if some fraction of our people--whether it be one-third or one-fifth or one-tenth--is ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, and insecure.

``This Republic had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the protection of certain inalienable rights--among them freedom of speech''--even Roosevelt is acknowledging that 50 percent of all jobs in 1944 come from freedom of speech--``freedom of worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. They were our rights to life and liberty.

``As our Nation has grown in size and stature, however--as our industrial economy expanded--these political rights proved inadequate to assure us equality in the pursuit of happiness.

``We have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. Necessitous men are not free men. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.

``In our day these economic truths have become accepted as self-evident. We've come to accept, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights under which a new basis of security and prosperity can be established for all--regardless of station, race, or creed.''

So what does Roosevelt do? On January 11, the only President who's eve had to confront unemployment at the level that we are confronting it right now, Mr. Speaker, he turns to the Constitution of the United States and he says, These are the things we need to ask:

If the First Amendment can guarantee us 51 percent of all jobs and from it can come iPod and laptops and the Internet and unprecedented economic growth, he says, we need to add to the Constitution the right to a family to have a decent home. What would that do for home construction in this nation? What would that do for millions of unemployed people?

He says, we need to add to the Constitution the right to medical care. How many doctors would such a right create?

He says, we need to add to the Constitution of the United States the right to a decent education for every American. How many schools would such a right build from Maine to California? How many people would be put to work building roofs and designing classrooms and providing every student with an iPod and a laptop? How many ghettos and barrios will actually be touched by such an amendment?

In fact, very little that we pass in the Congress of the United States even touches the long-term unemployed. The only thing that touches them that this Congress has access to that can actually change their station in life is the Constitution of the United States.

Roosevelt concludes:

``After this war is won''--he's talking about World War II--``we must be prepared to move forward, in the implementation of these rights, to new goals of happiness and well-being. America's own rightful place in the world depends in large part upon how fully these and similar rights have been carried into practice by our citizens.''

Well, Mr. Speaker, that's 50, 60, 70 years ago. And here we are today trying to pass legislation talking about austerity in government rather than taking the advice from the greatest capitalist in the history of our world who set our freedom system in motion in 1776. That freedom system is responsible for the present America.

Mr. Speaker, there is an even greater America that's in front of us. It's the America that adds to our founding document these basic rights--not at one time, but one at a time. And the way out of this economic and fiscal disaster that our country confronts isn't to cut the poor and to leave them on the streets. It isn't to ignore unemployed people. The way to change this crisis is to give the American people one more reason to believe in America again, that 308 million people can coalesce, wipe out unemployment once and for all, rebuild our union, strengthen it, and change the direction of America forever.

I thank the Speaker and I thank the American people for this time.

I ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks and insert extraneous material into the Record on the subject of this Special Order.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there objection to the request of the gentleman from Illinois?

There was no objection.

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