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Two Week CR Responds to Senate Delay Tactics


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Todd Akin (MO-2) today expressed regret that Senate delay tactics leave government funding up in the air.

Akin stated:

"The House has already passed a resolution to continue funding the government. The Senate's refusal to act has prompted unnecessary speculation and budget uncertainties. It is simply wrong for the White House or the Senate to refuse to address the tough realities of our unsustainable spending levels."

"Our legislation would have saved taxpayers $100 billion more than the President's request; however, it is clear that more time is needed to reach agreement with the Senate and the White House on government funding."

"I expect the House to consider legislation this week which will fund government operations for two more weeks -- until March 18, 2011 -- while reducing spending by $4 billion. This short term CR eliminates funding for several programs and earmarks passed by the last Congress."

"While it includes temporary ongoing funding for many other discretionary spending items which I believe should be reduced, I hope that this measure can be passed before the March 4th deadline and we can move on to complete the budget process and reduce debt-backed spending."

"We have a moral obligation to do the hard work necessary to give our grandchildren a nation that is on sound fiscal footing -- instead of continuing to load every single American down with an additional $4800 of debt every year."

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