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Battling Asian Carp


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman LaTourette has agreed to become a co-sponsor of the Stop Asian Carp Act, which will be introduced soon. The bill is intended to help keep Asian carp and other invasive species out of the Great Lakes.

Asian carp are one of the world's most aggressive invasive species, and can cause mayhem on lake ecosystems by consuming everything in their path. They come in many varieties, and can grow to be 6 feet long and 100 pounds.

This legislation will direct the Army Corps of Engineers to separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins, in order to prevent the destructive fish from invading the Great Lakes and wreaking havoc on Lake Erie.

If preventative measures are not taken, Asian carp may do more than $7 billion in damage to Great Lakes industries which in turn could result in staggering job losses. The Great Lakes fishing industry supports more than 800,000 jobs, and this bill will prevent those jobs from being devoured by Asian carp.

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