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Congressman Boehner On Latest Jobs Numbers: Path To Prosperity Lies In Liberating Our Economy From Excess Spending, Regulation, Debt


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) today issued the following statement regarding the latest employment figures released by the U.S. Department of Labor:

"Any improvement in the jobs situation for our country is welcome news, but unemployment is still far above where the Obama Administration promised it would be when it forced our children to pay for the 'stimulus' fiasco, which accelerated a government spending binge that continues to block our nation's path to prosperity.

"The improvement seen in this report is a credit to the hard work of the American people and their success in stopping the tax hikes that were due to hit our economy on January 1. Removing the uncertainty caused by those looming tax hikes provided much-needed relief for private-sector job creators in America. Now we must build on it by eliminating the job-crushing uncertainty being caused by excessive spending, borrowing, and regulating in Washington. We must take immediate action to end the spending binge in Washington and remove federal barriers to job growth, like the ObamaCare small business mandate repealed by the House this week.

"The path to prosperity and job creation lies in liberating our economy from the shackles of excessive government and unleashing the awesome potential of the American people. This has been and will continue to be the number-one priority for our new majority."
NOTE: The House took action this week to repeal ObamaCare's job-crushing 1099 mandate, which is widely considered an impediment to small business job creation, and Congress enacted GOP legislation cutting $4 billion from current discretionary spending levels. Economists across America agree immediate spending cuts are necessary to help create a better environment for job creation in America, noting that excessive government spending is crowding out private investment, spreading uncertainty, and eroding confidence in the nation's economy. In February, Speaker Boehner sent to President Obama a statement from 150 American economists who believe immediate spending cuts are needed to support private-sector job growth. And earlier this week, economist John B. Taylor of Stanford University said H.R. 1, the long-term continuing resolution passed by the House on February 19 that cuts billions of dollars while keeping the government running through September, will help to support job creation and economic growth, disputing reports to the contrary circulated by Washington Democrats who oppose spending cuts.

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