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Woodall Named RSC Communicator of the Week

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

On Wednesday, March 2, 2011, Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) was recognized by the Republican Study Committee (RSC) as "RSC Communicator of the Week," for his excellent work in getting the word out to fellow Members of Congress and to the American people on the importance of reining in excessive spending in order to get our nation's financial house in order.

"I am flattered to receive this distinction from my fellow colleagues at the RSC," Woodall said.

"The last Congress rammed spending bills like TARP III and ObamaCare down the throats of the American people. Much of this can be attributed to the Democrat leadership's refusal to communicate with those they represented and those they worked with on the other side of the aisle. I did not come to Washington to play partisan politics. I came here to carve out solutions. Communication is an integral and healthy part of this process. Whether it means hours of debate like we had with the open rule on H.R. 1, whether it means hosting Town Hall Meeting after Town Hall Meeting to set our legislative goals in partnership with those we represent, I am ready to take on this challenge."

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH), Chairman of the RSC, said, "Over the last two months, Rob has demonstrated incredible passion and commitment to saving the American Dream from Washington's reckless accumulation of debt. As he said on the House floor just yesterday, we cannot continue to mortgage our children's future."

The RSC, which is a group of roughly 175 Members of Congress, opens each of its meetings with a prayer. As Communicator of the Week, Congressman Woodall led this week's opening prayer.

Later in the meeting, Chairman Jordan played a clip of Congressman Woodall's closing statement on the House Floor from yesterday as an example of the Congressman's excellent work. Woodall's speech and the rest of the debate are available here.

"This is the biggest opportunity our government has had in a very long time to bring new ideas to the table," Woodall said. "I am ready to go to bat for my constituents on spending cuts and tax reform. Our new leadership needs to put everything it has on the line in the name of getting this country back on track and I am right there with them, making sure the voices of the American people are heard."

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