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McNerney Statement on House Republicans' Spending Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jerry McNerney (CA-11) today released the following statement regarding H.R. 1, the Republicans' spending bill for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011, which recently passed the House. The text of his statement is below.

"I voted against the House Republicans' spending bill because it will have a devastating impact on many of the people I represent and will do little to tame the deficit. I am especially concerned about this bill's deep cuts to clean energy, education and infrastructure projects as well as initiatives that ensure our families have clean air and water.

"Our country's national security and economy depend on developing new forms of clean, reliable and cost-effective energy. We must invest in new energy technology and develop more energy efficient cars and buildings. We cannot continue to rely on old energy sources. The Republicans' spending bill will, however, hamper our ability to meet these goals, cost tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector, and make us more dependent on imported oil.

"The Republican spending bill also makes huge cuts to education and infrastructure initiatives -- two pillars of our nation's economic growth. This bill will kick hundreds of thousands of children out of Head Start programs, cost thousands of teachers their jobs, and make it more difficult for middle class families to send their kids to college. It also eliminates support for critical transportation projects and will make it tougher to crack down on big corporations that pollute our air and water.

"These cuts are devastating and only scratch the surface of our budget deficit. We can and must do better. I will continue to work for legislation that, unlike the Republicans' spending bill, helps create jobs and protects middle class families."

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