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Republican Budget Plan Full of Reckless Spending Cuts That Hurt Everyone


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) released the following statement today following House passage of the Continuing Resolution on the Budget:

"Our nation's budget should reflect our priorities and serve as a blueprint for how we build our communities. That's why I voted against the Republican budget proposal that calls for reckless cuts to a number of critical programs and services. At a time when Congress should be working to create and preserve jobs, Republicans just passed a bill that will give a "pink slip' to 800,000 workers across the nation".

"In addition, the Republican plan calls for deep spending cuts that would make pre-school education less accessible for children, college education less affordable for low-income students, take cops off the beat, and prevent many families from owning a home. This plan hurts everyone in every community across America. I offered amendments that would have improved this bill by cutting wasteful items in our defense spending budget and providing emergency benefits to long-term unemployed workers, but Republicans blocked those common-sense improvements to this legislation".

"As an appropriator, I will fight to restore these egregious cuts and work to craft a budget that invests in jobs, creates economic opportunities, and provides pathways out of poverty."

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