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Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011: House of Representatives

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PALLONE. I thank the gentleman.

I am just amazed by the extortion that I heard on the other side of the aisle tonight. Basically what the Republicans said is that if Planned Parenthood agreed not to perform abortions, then they could continue to perform their other functions. But if they insist on performing abortions, then we are going to starve them for money and they won't be able to provide contraceptives and family planning and all the other health care services for women that are so important here.

To me, that is just an incredible statement, because essentially what you are saying is we will extort this. We don't really care about all these other services that they are providing. What we really care about is abortion. And if you sign on the dotted line, then you can continue to perform the other health care services, as long as you don't perform the service that is allowed under the law of the land.

Now, I cannot believe that that was actually stated here this evening, because I know and we all know that all these other services, reproductive services and health care services, are so important for women, so important for families. For me to hear a Member on the other side suggest that somehow they are going to extort that and threaten that and hold that over everyone in order to accomplish this goal of saying you can't perform abortions I think is outrageous.

I now understand what the purpose of this amendment is. It is to close down Planned Parenthood and all the good things that many of you admit they are actually doing just in order to accomplish this ideological goal related to abortion. I just think that is incredible. To me, frankly, for the first time I understand what it is all about.

But let's not be hypocrites about this. If that is what you are about, then admit it. And one person did. The rest of you are going on and on about all of the terrible things that Planned Parenthood has done. Frankly, most of the men and women who perform the services at Planned Parenthood are very well-meaning people, and they shouldn't be attacked because of a few that haven't done the right thing.


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