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Bedget Measure


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tim Scott (SC-01) called upon his colleagues in the U.S. Senate to work for quick passage of the newly announced stop-gap spending bill and then focus their attention on the House-passed funding measure, H.R. 1, the Full Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011, in order to avert a government shutdown. "The Senate has an obligation to consider the bill passed by the House and take positive steps to address our burgeoning budget deficit."

"We have responded to the American people's cry for an end to status quo government spending and taxation," Scott said. "Now is the time for the Senate to demonstrate their resolve and send a budget resolution to the President that includes substantive reductions in spending." Scott expressed some disappointment in the need for the short-term CR, saying, "We worked in a bipartisan manner to pass H.R.1, and the Senate's refusal to move it as a priority is regrettable. However, the short-term bill, which cuts over $4 billion in spending, will afford them more than adequate time to deliberate the original measure and pass a budget for the President's consideration."

The First District Representative cited the broad scope of spending cuts covered in the legislation. "The spending reductions contained in the House bill represent one of the first steps in our commitment to reducing the size and scope of government. Our nation's economic prosperity is tied to this philosophy."

H.R. 1 was viewed by House Republicans as a vehicle to promote job growth and avert the threat of national bankruptcy for the next generation. "I am committed to significantly reducing the rate of spending in Washington," Scott affirmed. "The $1.5 trillion deficit and $14 trillion national debt are grim reminders of past inaction. But, they also present the opportunity for meaningful change." Included in the measure is more than $100 billion in savings to the taxpayer; elimination of any unobligated "stimulus' funding; prevention of funding to implement the "1099' health care reform provision; prohibition of funding for the so-called "Health Care Czar' and "Climate Change Czar;' no new earmarks and elimination of all previous earmark funding from FY2010.

Scott dismissed the threat of a government shutdown as a reason to maintain current spending levels. "I would reiterate the view of the Speaker when he says that we want to see this budget passed. We have no other interest. To frame the choice facing the Senate as political gamesmanship is nonsense. We have no business playing games with the economic viability of our country. Our commitment to reducing the size of government is evident by the $4 billion included in the short-term resolution." Scott continued to praise his fellow House members for their work during the 90-plus hours of debate during which hundreds of amendments from both sides of the aisle were presented. "The proceedings of the House during the past week represent the best of representational government. I am proud to have been a part of it."

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