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Budget Resolution


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Tim Scott (SC-01) praised his fellow members of the U.S. House for their courage and determination in passing H.R. 1, the Full Year Continuing Appropriations Act of 2011, and returning open and honest debate to the floor of Congress. Following passage of the measure early Saturday morning, Scott said, "With our votes, we are showing the American people that we are serious about cutting government spending and removing barriers to job creation."

"Through the budget reductions adopted, we are also taking the first steps to break the destructive cycle of borrowing and spending," Scott noted. "The American people have endured two years of misguided policies that have left us with nine percent unemployment and more than $3 trillion added to our National Debt. The bailouts and the handouts must stop. Our nation's labor force is ready for the opportunity to show their potential." The necessity for the Continuing Resolution to operate the federal government is a result of the failure on the part of the prior Democrat-controlled Congress to adopt a budget for Fiscal Year 2011.

Scott hailed House Leadership for carrying out their promise to implement a "more open and transparent process' by allowing considerable debate and amendments to the spending bill. "Our constituents deserve to hear their representatives engage in open dialogue. This transparency, which has been absent from this Chamber for some time, has afforded my colleagues with the opportunity to offer amendments and have their voices heard." Some 500 amendments from both sides of the aisle were presented during the 90-hour, four-plusdays of debate -- with sessions extending well past midnight.

"We are committed to changing the status-quo in Washington and restoring our fiscal stability," said Scott. "I trust that our colleagues in the Senate will have the same resolve and work with us to get this budget resolution to the President before March 4th."

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