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Sen. Brown to President Obama: Reconsider Approach to Greenhouse Gas Regulation

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) urged President Obama to evaluate the economic consequences of greenhouse gas regulations on U.S. competitiveness and to consider changes that promote continued economic growth while still reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"Industries that drive Ohio's and our nation's economy--manufacturers, farmers, electric power generators--need assurances that greenhouse gas reductions will be crafted to enhance our nation's competitiveness by not impeding business and job growth," Brown said. "A comprehensive strategy of investments and well-defined incentives can drive innovation and encourage long-term investments necessary for manufacturers and industry. Through this collaborative approach, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save consumers money, and address our dependence on foreign oil."

Brown called for an increased federal investment in clean energy research, development, and deployment to include industrial energy efficiency technologies such as combined heat and power, waste-heat-to-energy, and advanced manufacturing processes.

Domestic industries face specific challenges to compete globally, particularly limited ability to raise prices due to increased energy costs. To combat this obstacle, Brown continued his call for financial and technical transition assistance for manufacturers and border adjustment measures to maintain a level-playing field. He also called on President Obama to direct the Environmental Protection Agency to implement a plan to provide these protections to U.S. manufacturing, a sector of the economy critical to the continued economic recovery of Ohio and the nation.

Brown pointed to the Obama administration's work with auto manufacturers, states, and environmental advocates to negotiate a settlement on greenhouse gas emissions and fuel economy standards. Brown called for a similar approach with energy-intensive industries.

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