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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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Senator, Governor Walker says that if you don"t come back, you"re going to be responsible--you and your other 13 colleagues are going to be responsible for a bunch of people losing their jobs. What"s your response to that?

STATE SEN. CHRIS LARSON (D), WISCONSIN: Right. Well, first of all, Ed, thank you very much for bringing attention to this back in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a place where we started a lot of the labor movement and created a lot of workers" rights. Actually, we"re celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Bay View massacre where people marched in order to gain the 40-hour week and gain the weekend. We"re celebrating that in a couple months.

So, we really started things off back then and it looks like we"re starting things off across the country now.

Walker"s ploy where he is again trying to pit the middle class against itself by going after workers" rights has only united us like never before. People who are coming out--

SCHULTZ: OK. But he says, the governor--the governor says that you"re going to be responsible for job losses if you don"t go home. What"s your response to that?

LARSON: Right. This is his choice. I mean, he--the only options that he"s given us is he"s either going to go after workers" rights or he"s going to go after the workers themselves.

The real choice is saying, no, we don"t need to cut taxes for millionaires and billionaires. What we need to do is have everyone work together at the table and not stop--to stop pitting the middle class against itself. So, the answer is none of the above. The ball is in Walker"s court at this point.


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