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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


Location: Unknown


SCHULTZ: Representative Fry, do you trust Mitch Daniels when he says now is not the time to take right to work off the table? What do you make of this? Do you trust Governor Daniels in Indiana?

STATE REP. CRAIG FRY (D), INDIANA: Well, we have a group of Republicans in Indiana that are different than a lot of Republicans. They"re radical. They"re extreme.

When we ought to be concentrating on balancing the budget and taking care of 300,000 people out of work, we"re fighting this fight. We ought to be concerned about a public education system and we have to care about the middle class workers.

SCHULTZ: You say they"re radical and extreme in Indiana. Well, are they not that way in Wisconsin? I mean, this is the new Republican Party, isn"t it, to attack workers?

FRY: Well, that"s what"s happening now. But when we talk about education in Indiana, we"ve made great progress over the last 20 years, and not only are they trying to reform it in their terms but we see it as dismantling and killing our educational system in Indiana, and then they attack the working class. Because it"s important to understand here that all these bills, we have about a dozen bills out there that are attacking the educational system--


FRY: -- and workers. It"s tearing the guts out of it.

SCHULTZ: When will you return? When will you and your colleagues return?

FRY: Well, we"re in caucus right now. We"re going over about 150 amendments on the budget bill. That"s the priority. And it"s going to take us a few days, Ed.


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