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In Case You Missed It: Inside the Town Hall with Governor Christie


Location: Unknown

Steve Doocy: This afternoon, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, unveils his state budget and the cuts are sure to be controversial to some. Just like his town halls.

Teacher: (Start clip) You're not compensating me for my education and you're not compensating me for my experience. That's all.

New Jersey Governor Christie: Well, you know what, then you don't have to do it. (End Clip)

Governor Christie: (Start Clip) You know what, let me tell you this -- you know what? It's people who raise their voices and yell and scream like you that are dividing this country. We're here to bring this country together. Not to divide it. [ cheers and applause ] (End Clip)

Steve Doocy: On the other side of that blue curtain are a couple hundred people who want to talk to you.

Governor Christie: Yup.

Steve Doocy: How can you tell who loves you and who doesn't?

Governor Christie: You can't.

Steve Doocy: Do you like him or not like him?

Constituent 1: I love him.

Governor Christie: It's been great. I think people are coming to, you know on YouTube, to other media outlets and are seeing these town halls and I think they like the back and forth. And they like the idea that I'm out there and answering questions of all comers and they want to be part of it.

Constituent 2: He's changing the terms of the agreement which I was promised four years ago. And it hurts.

Governor Christie: I'm not one of those politicians who thinks that because I'm in public office, I have to be nice all the time. If you're not nice to me, I'm not going to be nice to you.

Steve Doocy: Alright. There's some people on the other side of the curtain.

Governor Christie: We're ready to go.

Steve Doocy: Go get them.

Jim Gilroy: Ladies and gentleman, the Governor of the State of New Jersey, Chris Christie!

Governor Christie: We have big problems in this state. And it's time to deal with them. It's time to do the "Big Things." We don't have any time to waste. --- Fiscal discipline is important because we can't dig out of a hole that was created for a decade in one year. --- Here are some of the ground rules. If you treat me with respect and courtesy, I'll disagree with you with respect and courtesy. But, if you treat me with disrespect and you're not courteous, you're getting it right back. Cause this is New Jersey and that's the way we do things. [ applause ]

Constituent 3: It's a mistake to think that tenure's a guarantee of a job. It's simply guaranteed due process. And I have, as a 25-year teacher, I have had to fight board members. I have had to fight principals. I have had to fight parents to advocate for children and I cannot advocate for children in my classroom if I'm worried about my job. Honestly.

Governor Christie: Well, we fundamentally disagree on a number of issues and let me tell you what they are. First it is a guarantee of a job. It is an absolute guarantee of a job after three years. --- I think the real fight that needs to happen is the teachers against their union because it is about time [ applause ] -- it is about time that the teachers demand a union that is as good as its members and right now, they don't have one.

Constituent 3: I think it was a respectful response. I think that it wasn't really what I wanted to hear and I think he also used it as an opportunity to bash our unions when that's not what my intent was.

Governor Christie: Thank you all very much. [ applause ]

Constituent 4: I really like what he's doing with the teachers union because even though my daughter is a teacher, she would agree that we need reform.

Steve Doocy: Alright.

Brian Kilmeade: Nice job, Steve.

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