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Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2011

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. Chairman, the gentleman's amendment would forbid funds for Yucca Mountain, but its most damaging effect is to stop the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from moving ahead with the Yucca Mountain license, application and review process.

Mr. Chairman, the House has overwhelmingly voted multiple times over the last several years to reject the administration's closure of Yucca. The gentleman's amendment would do nothing but support the administration's political manipulations and it will waste over $12 billion of ratepayers' money.


Mr. Chairman, the amendment uses a heavy-handed approach in order to shut down important programs at the Department of Energy.

Fossil energy sources supply more than 80 percent of our Nation's total energy. Using these resources more efficiently and more cleanly and developing technologies that can access new domestic sources are extremely important when so much of our energy depends on fossil fuels.

This amendment would stop programs that do just that. For example, it would prevent work like the development of ultra-clean fuels.

There may be some areas of research in which the private sector does not need help, but there are other areas of research which are too risky for industry to take on.

I oppose the amendment.


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