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Directing Committees to Review Regulations from Federal Agencies

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BLACKBURN. Mr. Speaker, I think our colleagues across the aisle are showing their displeasure. They think that it requires passing a law to create jobs and they want to tax and spend so that they can use the term ``invest.'' But I think the American people have really wised up to what is going on. They know that every time a law is passed, rules and regulations start to pile on. They also know that if money is coming to D.C., then they can't use that money there in their communities to create jobs. Because the way it really works is this: Government does not create jobs. Government creates the environment in which the private sector can create jobs.

Last week, as we were home, I visited, I worked with my Chambers of Commerce and with job creators to tell us, what is getting in the way. We heard a lot about regulation and the overreach of regulation. From bankers, we heard about auditors and regulators and the FDIC. From builders, we heard about OSHA and the EPA. From small business manufacturers, we heard about the EPA and carbon emissions. From retailers, we heard about the FTC. From our implement device manufacturers and biotech community, we heard about the FDA overreach. From our high tech innovators and our health informatics, we heard about the overreach of the FCC.

Regulation is stifling job growth. It is time for us to cut back on this $1.75 trillion a year hit that the business community, the job creators, are taking; rein this regulation in; and, yes, my friends, let's repeal some of these laws and rules and regulations, get them off the books and free up the private sector so they do what they do best--create the jobs that the American people want to see.


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